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  • Good to see you back in the forum!
    I really like your add-on G42-200, has a spectacular and futuristic design perfect for use as an aircraft and space tourism.
    Welcome back:thumbup:.
    Hey, mind if I release a .scn where I attach JATO bottles to your G42-200 WIP302 (for those who can't figure it out for themselves)?
    E aí cara como está seu projeto?Sei que vc irá adicionar tanques externos para mais combustivel,mas tenho uma pergunta: vc vai adicionar por exemplo suporte a UCGO e UMMU?
    Hello dude how it is you project?I know,you will add external tanks for more fuel,but i have a question:Do you will add UCGO and UMMU support?

    :hailprobe: or :suicide:
    Moach your G42 Looks great first of all, looks like you put a lot of work into it!
    I noticed in your post's you implemented calculations and tables for air / altitude thrust levels for the ramjets. Im totally new to orbiter dev and dont really want to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I had read an engineer back in 90's proposed using f-15 engines as a stage 0 component, and it sounded plausable.
    Well I was thinking S-71 J58 Engines would be even better due to thier turbo/ram combination. Do you think all your work on the G42 ram calculations could help in my design?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You can check out my photos for a example pic of them on a falcon 9
    Does Brazil have it's own Alaska? And its own Hawaii, as well? :lol:
    You can't have ours. We need those for oil and stuff.
    HELLO, FINALLY you are there i am very tired after my LONG trip on earth with a DGIV started on democratic republic of congo and ended again on congo. 80 days on only one day =) !
    and with NO stop using UCGO fuel tanks
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