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  • Man, this "visitor message" thing is WOEFULLY inadequate. Even refreshing, I have a hard time getting the new messages. I'm finding it's best to go to the home page and click your name again. :compbash2:

    Anyway, I have to step out and run some errands. Just email me with what you find. Also, the help with the camera views is much appreciated as well. I sent you a message and also replied to the thread.
    I edited the sol.cfg file and added pluto and its moons when I unzipped the package. I also added some minor moons for Jupiter, and included those in the sol.cfg file as well. None of them show up in the camera view target list. I flew to Jupiter, hit F9, and verified that the moons I added are in place. They are there in orbit, but they still don't show up as camera view targets.
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