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    [RU] Принимая уроки русского языка во Франции

    Мне кажется, твой уровень выше, чем у 90% населения Земли. А это уже хорошо :thumbup: Don't worry and keep going - everything is easy, when really want it.
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    [RU] Civilization : tea the russian way

    Main rule of russian tea drinking: don't get the spoon out of the cup.
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    [RU] Принимая уроки русского языка во Франции

    На самом деле, не такой уж и сложный язык. А для общения многим нужно и того меньше :yes: Btw, as i see, you can already speak (or at least - write) in english and french. Scientists insist each next language is easier to learn. So, i guess, it won't be a problem for you. Good luck :thumbup:
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    Flight Question Rendezvous with ISS - Travelling in opposite direction

    Hm, it should be better to say i didn't think about it. Opposite direction orbit - for why? Even if you can meet the ISS, it will be impossible to dock normally - you'll need too much fuel to align speed vectors (8k-(-8k)=16k). So, it's better to land, refuel the ship and start again.
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    [RU] Привет русским!

    Там еще Deltaglider IV в роли дефолта промелькнул. Объемные тексты лучше перечитывать не сразу, а через несколько дней - так лучше видно ошибки.
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    [RU] Привет русским!

    В статье нашел пару фактических ошибок, и жаргонизмы местами лишние. Но само ощущение - передано. Добро пожаловать на форум!
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    Question What kind of car do you drive or wish to own?

    2007 VAZ-2105, 1450cc multi-point injection, 72 hp, 5 speed manual gearbox.
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    Request Spaceplane addon request. "Haley"

    Spaceplane addon? Again? Another one?..
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    Question Soyuz TMA VC?

    Thorton helped me a lot with this - whole cockpit layout was build around the original Soyuz capsule mesh with flipped normals. It was a bit difficult to fit all elements to proper positions, but result looks close to the original. Anyway, as N_Molson said, it should come from Thorton. I just...
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    Question Soyuz TMA VC?

    I have something, but work is going very slow. It's better to say "project is hibernated". And even if i'll finish the mesh (~30% left), it's gonna be a "texture mapping hell".
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Orbiter 2011 P1?
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    Project the inner world - the hollow planets

    Hm, at least, it is not another "cool spaceplane i invented" ;) Interesting project. Maybe it will be difficult in Orbiter, but... who knows? P.S.: model is having a smoothing groups problem near the "hole".
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    Project ISV Venture Star

    Model looks heavy. What about framerate?
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    Idea: Orbiter for Xbox 360

    Xbox (or PS3, etc) games are about "fun". PC game is a "challenge". (in our days PC means PC-only)
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    what's your favorite launcher addon ?

    Energy Project.