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    Xr2 control panel

    I had the idea of building a simucockipt to optimize Orbiter for quite a long time. I have a background knowledge in electric engineering and coding, so let’s begin there. What began as a dare in 2013 has developed into something special. GENESIS: My initial research revealed that building a...
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    Orbiter 2016 a better bet for simpit?

    Is there a way to get such values like "COGAutoMode" or"CoolantTemp" with a Lua script?
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    Hey everybody, from France

    Thank you guys, for your welcoming! :tiphat:
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    News Happy New Year!

    :cheers: Happy new year 2018 for each orbinaut!! :cheers:
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    Hey everybody, from France

    Wandering in this forum for a long time, I decided to become an active member. Today seems a good date for that, huh? I discovered Orbiter ten years ago, and enjoyed each flight. Also made some bases, because I love to "open the box" and modify, modelling, removing and try to create. For some...