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    Fastest glider - Shuttle

    I sent you an e-mail. Cheers
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    Tutorial Space Shuttle Ultra v5.xx ascent checklist condensed

    Hi, thanks for the idea of condensed chacklists of SSUltra :) Will you be doing deorbit, reentry also ? Cheers
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    Fastest glider - Shuttle

    Now is time for me to move to ShuttleFleet and looking around for successful install in Orbit 2016. I tried 3 times and it was always incomlete, causing CTD. Anyone could help? Thanks
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    Software Shuttle Fleet Addon Install with all the trimmings...

    Hello, now we have 2020 may :) Does anybody know how to instal Shuttle Fleet 4.8 on clean Orbiter 2016 so all the scenarios open and don't crash? A list of needed add-ons woulb be very appraciated. And what to overite or not. Thank you very much :)
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    Question GPCMFD

    Which autopilot to use for launch ShuttleFleet 4.8? No ascentAP. MultiStage??? Can't find in a manual...
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    Question GPCMFD

    Hi, is it working with Orbiter 2016? Any manual? ITEMS? What to input? OPS are clear to me, but at launch I can see only one page (steep ascent till 70km alt). Thanks ---------- Post added 05-21-20 at 07:23 AM ---------- Previous post was 05-20-20 at 10:27 PM ---------- Just found :)
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    Fastest glider - Shuttle

    So, after two weeks of practising I made my first mission in Atlantis to ISS (docking) and back to KSC landing safely :) YT tutorial "Absolute begginer" by David was the most helpful. Satisfied !
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    Problem Glide slope causing CTD

    All is fine. Thx
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    SSU Development thread (4.0 to 5.0)

    Hello, as I am flying default Atlantis for 3 weeks now and I just installed SSU can I ask if aerodynamics in atmosphere are the same? TAEM and approach - landing. Thanks
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    Scenario Space Station Assembly Missions

    Hi, is it available for Orbiter 2016?
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    air brake?

    Hi, Is it possible to use a lever on joystick to apply air-brake in a Shuttle progressively?
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    Now I see (newbie) - the launch is programmed in MultiStage plugin for every mission of this STS. But can I somehow use AscentAP ? It seems to be disabled, right? Another two questions - please forgive me:) 1) Is there a list of addons for this STS required to make it work flawlessly? I got many...
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    Another question regarding LaunchMFD autopilot: how can I change azimuth/heading of launch? No matter what I do it always heads 64 deg :( Thanks
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    Flight Question STS recompiled and LaunchMFD

    Again: how to set azimuth/heading in LaunchMFD for this shuttle? Is that more complicated than in AscentAP of default Atlantis?
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    Flight Question STS recompiled and LaunchMFD

    Hello, I was able to fly Atlantis with AscentAP to get required azimuth/heading at launch to reach plane of ISS within good Rinc (0.24 deg) Now with LaunchMFD, whatever I do I get heading ca.64 deg.Even if I choose ISS in the orbit as target, Shuttle will fly HDG 64. Please help - LaunchMFD...