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  • Hi Marg I am sorry to bother you, I think you were called Marg777 in the old orbiter forums anyways, I have a favor to ask you Because I would really like to get two of your awsome addons working. 1.is the STS-5 Vab to pad 39A Rollout, and the other is the recovery convoy. I will post the orbiter logs so, if you have some time you could please look at them. Getting these to work will breath life back into orbiter I am using orbiter 60929 david413s shuttle fleet and gazzas sts payloads v2 and all the required addons for them Thanks my email is [email protected] thanks for reading this and I hope you can help me out. http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=3008 http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=2534 Sorry for some reason it won't let me add the orbiter log files oh well if you think you can give me some advice I'll email them to you.:speakcool:
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