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    Vessel ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie shuttle from "Avatar"

    Something a done long time ago,may serve you well. Just shuttle downoad from warehouse and convert. Dowload: Valkyrie Do not know how long they keep file,get it and save it.
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    Question Mice in the house

    Stop feeding or eat cats. :devilish:
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    Question Mice in the house

    Cats doing fine with mouse,snakes,lizards. Get some semi wild cat's around house.
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    OHM Dream Chaser

    Build it man. :cheers: Just drop by to forum from time to time. Orbiter is only thing I will alway use,last 7 years my life turn,wife,kid,work,to much obligation. Don't catch time to to run orbiter or to modeling something new or upgrade old work. Maybe one day I'll back to modeling and use sim...
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    help with model permissions.

    You mean this?
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I think Einstein relativity apply to sunglasses fast they fly time getting slower or start to move backward. In next frame we can see how sunglasses reflect chinese worker in assembly line.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Humor Random Comments Thread

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    Problem Model from SketchUp looking wrong in orbiter

    It's easy to do in Sketch Up,simply select face and flip it or select face and oriented faces. Blue on Sketch Up model is inside side white is for outside. So to have proper model for Orbiter you need to see only call it white,but default Sketch Up material for outside is lighter than inside in...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Not my model and this could be better model with VC and custon dll. I'd love to seen it to on OH but better version and model than this. I don't have time for work on any add-on,maybe in future but not now. Anyone is welcome to upload this add if he like. :cheers:
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    Request Can Anyone Make The Voshkod Craft?

    Well check this...
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    OHM Spacecraft3 to DLL&C++ converter 141006

    Speed brake not working.
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    Meshing Question Why is my ship's exterior striped?

    Of course for animate group but you have modeling glitch,in one group is merge front and back face,make back and front face but each face back or front put in it's own individual group. For smooth front and end you need to remodel it. But check this mesh.