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  • After going home and getting my notes I can give you the "real" mass flow rates for the DG4 and the mass flow rates programed into BTC MFD.

    DG4 says BTC1.42a says
    Main: 5.91kg/s 4.50kg/s
    Hover: 6.14kg/s 6.75kg/s
    Retro: 1.23kg/s 1.35kg/s
    Hi Kwan! I have had the same problem with BTC 1.5 as kneejo. It just won't load on 2006p1 or the latest beta 09/10/23. I'm going to do a clean install of both when I get home (I'm using a library computer now as I don't have an Internet connection at home). I also have a problem with BTC 1.4a in the Delta Glider 4; BTC 1.4a's mass flow rates do not match the DG4's mass flow rates as shown by the fuel display in the DG4 and I believe this is the cause of the very inacurate circularizations I've been getting. BTC 1.4a circularizes much better using the ShuttleA so I presume the mass flow rates on a ShuttleA are better modled in BTC 1.4a than they are in the DG4. Next time I come to my library I will bring the actual values from the DG4 and BTC 1.4a for you to compare but if you get a chance to look at them yourself I would like to hear (read) what you have to say about this.
    hey man! how 'r you doing? just a small message to inform that I've tried your update 1.50 of the burntime MFP and it didn;t want to load in my configuration. but my configuration is quite big, allthough I tried with the default install of bare Orbiter v2006up1 with sound and it didn't load either. I know this info isn't much helpful, but thought to mention it anyway. I've installed the 1.42 version on a fresh install and everything works fine, so I can't reproduce it.


    Do you think it would be possible to use the WMM-2005 model to visualize the magnetic field? I'm thinking something like the celestial grid in planetarium mode, but something you can actually fly though as opposed to the infinitely-far field.
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