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    News Neil has passed away

    I made this video as a tribute to great astronaut and first man who walked on the Moon
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    News Neil has passed away

    Here is what Polish astronaut, Mirosław Hermaszewski, said about Armstrong death: "A man passed away, but that what he done, will stay. Its a terrible news, I feel like i lost somebody close, cause he was really one of us. I had a chance to meet Armstrong, many times I meet with Buzz Aldrin and...
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    News My Brother Is Dead

    I am very sorry for your loss, and this is our loss too. R.I.P Voyager :(
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    Hello, I'm Anna

    :welcome: Anna :)
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    Hello Orbiter Community

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    Humor Best opening titles/music?

    My favourite composer wrote this track to one of the best scifi film in history:
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    Tell us about yourself!

    I'm half Polish, half Hungarian, and my Orbiter nickname is my first name. I'm 33 years old and work in automotive industry. Ironically, I dont have a car, neither even driving licence. This is just my work for living. Since being a kid I loved to watch sci fi filmes and read sci fi books. I am...
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    Question With whom would you eat dinner?

    1. Vangelis 2. Nicolaus Copernicus 3. Jesus Christ
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    Tyche - Hipotetical planet

    I wonder if Tyche can be a legendary Nibiru planet :hmm:
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    Things that others do on the computer, that make you rage.

    I remember my old computer science teacher in my teenage years and he told me and my class fellows the same thing. Other teacher from those years told us that computer has an intelligence comparing to mouse :) (a mouse = an animal , not computer mouse, of course)
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    whats up peeps

    :welcome: Clostriudium
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    Things that others do on the computer, that make you rage.

    Yes, i think so...And this is very sad
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    Things that others do on the computer, that make you rage.

    Its very annyoing for me that lots of people complain on operating system (mostly Windows) they use while they cant handle with it properly.They doesnt do defragmentation, dont clean unnecessary files, dont clean their registry, dont have any antivirus software with recent updates and dont have...
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    News Welcome orb to the admin team!

    Congratulations, Orb! :)