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    Well, ultimately, anything can be decoded. Furthermore, if my understanding is correct, it's not like they will be able to easily determine the form of encoding used, as gibberish in one will most likely be gibberish in another, I assume.
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    The e-mail I was sent implies that they were:
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    Humor 5 Word Story

    ...of bacon. However, as the...
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    two joysticks and joystick-settings

    Fix'd. The other thing, if that doesn't work, is that you may need to do the whole right-click "Run as Administrator" thing.
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    Question Multi-Joystick

    Damnit, Moach, you've robbed me of the joy I'd no doubt experience wrangling with Delphi! :P My vote: You have it.
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    Question Multi-Joystick

    Just out of curiosity, do you plan on having the program acknowledge the current RCS and AF settings, or perhaps have an option that will flick between these two behaviours? I only ask because, while I'm rustlin' up my on fix (advertisers, gonna advertise), I know that people, or myself at...
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    Add-ons working in Orbiter 2010 & 2010-P1

    It maaaay have been called "Default Scenario", but I can't quite remember.
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    General Question Scenario Editor

    If my understanding is correct, the Rodger Young is a Spacecraft3 vessel, correct? Spacecraft3 vessels cannot be spawned in-game, because of the system they use.
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    OFMM Development: Atmospheric Vessels

    Personally, I would imagine a balloon-type craft to be more appropriate for such expeditionary explorations, potentially smaller (packing wise) and less complicated to operate. But I'm not sure if the thin atmosphere would be a help or a hindrance to such a method of travel.
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    OHM XR5 Payload - Station Building Blocks 4.1

    Just use Spacecraft3 and the patch. If I remember correctly, Vinka isn't an active community member any more, for some reason or another, so it's unlikley that we will see a 2010 version. I could be wrong, of course. EDIT: Ninja'd by woo482.
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    AeroBrakeMFD aerobrake mfd for orbiter 2010?

    I'd be interested to see what the co-ordinates of the vessel is, relative to Earth. Perhaps this may be the source of the error. Out of curiosity, does this bug manifest on other atmospheric bodies, such as Venus? I'd test it myself, but I haven't downloaded 2010 yet (bad interwebs and what-not).
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    News Giant sinkhole in Guatamala City

    Dang-nabit hellspawn. Just won't get the message that they're not welcome.
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    Question Multi-Joystick

    There is a small C++ wrapped DLL thingymabob, but the main guts of the program is written in Delphi 6, sadly. And that's even more painful when you realise that there is no free Delphi compiler any more... I'm actually trying at the moment to work out a way of compiling it in Lazarus, which is...
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    DG/DGIV in real life

    However, it can convince decision-makers otherwise.
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    Project Heavy Metal

    The good thing about competition is, of course, that it encourages innovation and, well, awesomeness on the part of all parties involved. Not saying that these creations wouldn't be incredible anyway, of course. You get what I'm trying to say. Coolhand... That. Looks. Awesome. Though I must...