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    Project Mir station complex / UR-500 family

    This looks a million times much better than the remastered version of an old O2003 addon I did for Almaz over a year ago! Same goes for the Soyuz! :hailprobe:
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    Project Shuttle-A Mk.IX

    The initial mainframe of this Shuttle-A reminds me of the Sojourner shuttle from the show For All Mankind (Season 3). Great work!
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    CAPSTONE mission

    There's now a HORIZONS trajectory for CAPSTONE available! But kind of incomplete at the moment
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    Might be because the default orientation of the IUS-2 mesh isn't pointed in the Z axis. VB's jettison function creates a new vessel with the mesh pointing in its default orientation, not the given values from VB
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    In later Shuttle-ISS missions, the OMS also acted as booster engines for about 2-4 minutes which begin right after SRB separation. But yeah, on all occasions, the OMS were only fired in space as it is ineffective below the Earth's atmosphere
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    Project SpaceX SuperHeavy

    So that makes it Pad 39D? Cause I think there's a small launchpad at LC-39 dedicated to smallsat and sounding rocket launches built in 2019 if I'm not mistaken (named Pad 39C)
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    The figure on OMS-1 is near the expected perigee value on MECO (57 miles = 91 km)
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    The shuttle pilots themselves make the final circularization burns so that the External Tanks doesn't become Skylab-sized space debris in orbit. I think the old GPC MFD from the original ShuttleFleet has an autopilot for this, but I'm not sure. Usually I just manually fire the engines until it...
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    Yeah, the shuttles still has a ghost docking port even if ODS is not declared in the scenario. I actually used this advantage for my very old scenario (2020) for STS-88 with a static long ODS mesh long before it is encoded in the project's source code
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    I didn't know Discovery made a selfie during STS-64, which gives us a glimpse of its payload bay:
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    The Space Radar Laboratory, which was used twice during STS-59 (Endeavour) and STS-68 (Endeavour). It looks a lot like the SRTM found in STS-99 but without the truss section
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    New Release Launch Sounds for the H-IIB

    Hello, sorry late reply. The link has been changed. You should be able to download the Tanegashima surface textures now on the addon's download page (and on the original post). Thanks
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    Project Energia transporter project

    The original CCCPCombi scenarios do not work on Orbiter 2016 as they are made for Orbiter 2005 iirc. After installing my addon, the only files you need on CCCPCombi are the Meshes and Textures located on the POLYUS vB2 folder only. The scenarios working for O2016 are the three SCN files I made...
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    Updates SLS Updates

    Vladivostok is still too far north compared to Baikonur, and given the highly classified nature of their rocket technology in the 1950s, the site is far more vulnerable from being seen by enemy spy planes. Baikonur's location is deep enough within Soviet territory that its existence and name...
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    Updates SLS Updates

    To be fair with the Russians in the 1950s-1990s, they simply had no choice but to launch over land, as their southernmost coastal area (Okhotsk) is still too far north. Also, all Baikonur launches are deliberately planned to always launch northeast so that the rocket stages would fly over most...