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    Problem Death Star issues

    ok here is the log. Also blacklight could you spare me a link to the 2001 addon your saying is so good? k thnx bai. :lol: **** Orbiter.log Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929] Devices enumerated: 2 Devices accepted: 2 ==> RGB Emulation ==> Direct3D HAL Found 0 joystick(s) Module...
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    OHM Racing track for UCGO

    XD oh an the addons ok... but im sure you could have had it to where to roads line up instead of go sideways next to eachother. woops accident with the dgiv as it is about to crash into the grandstand woops too low to eject! oh no get out of the way its spiraling into flames im sure...
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    Problem Death Star issues

    oh wow thanks it worked but theirs another problem all it shows is the hanger there and the vessels docked to it it doesnt show no round technological terror :( all it shows is the hanger with the storm troopers and the vessels
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    Problem Death Star issues

    Blacknight. I have the same problems on the starwars universe addon the naboo royalship crashes the game no deathstars work (im not sure about thats no moon) and star trek gets boring and gonks up your computer (because theirs so many of them) may i suggest launchers and DGIV themed ships i...
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    Humor Depressurization of (super?)cooled cola

    It must get hot in space if they need cola that cold! lol Joking! :lol:
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    Problem Death Star issues

    the same exact thing happens to me ill post my orbiter log if you dont mind ---------- Post added at 04:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:55 AM ---------- **** Orbiter.log Build Sep 29 2006 [v.060929] Devices enumerated: 2 Devices accepted: 2 ==> RGB Emulation ==> Direct3D HAL Found 0...
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    I DID IT!!!

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    Idea Drop ships or escape pods.

    Hmm well kinda like that.
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    Search Panels.

    yeah ttm24 doesnt work on my computer for some reason and hmm ty TSPenguin for the XR vessels those are nice.
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    Search Panels.

    Does anyone have any links to spacecraft with 2d panels that are interactive? (like the deltaglider and shuttle a and DGIV)? i love to fly those more than any other type of spacecraft!:hello:
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    Project Orbiter Speech Recognition Module - Beta Testers Needed

    I would test but i don't have a headset and i don't think ill be getting one anytime soon.
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    Idea Drop ships or escape pods.

    I was thinking in the fictional spacecraft they should put escape pods on the sides of them or drop ships that blend into the fictional spacecraft until needed. I just thought it might have been a good idea maybe being as in the movies and games and such they have escape pods and drop ships.Does...
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    Building an orbiter computer

    I got all of that except for windows XP i got windows 7 and actually it runs fast especially on Orbiter. Good graphic 3d games are great on my computer.
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    Request firefighter truck for UCO or UCGO

    well maybe for smallville
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    OHM UCGO 'Space Hotel' module

    A very good addon i enjoyed making a space hotel with it with the glass dome as observation platform!