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    LaunchMFD Launch MFD AP for Shuttle Atlantis

    At some point I'll write up and post my deorbit shuttle from ISS and land at KSC protocols... Re: launch -- in v. 2016, use AscentAP. Easy to use. Works with default Shuttle. Use orbit alt = 350e3 (350,000 ft), azimuth = 137. Then use launch into sunrise scenario. Fast forward to 12500...
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    can you recommend some autolanding MFD for me?

    IMHO what's really needed to deorbit and land the shuttle is an equivalent to GPC MFD. You need energy and horizontal dist to runway info, to help calibrate your descent and approach. Anyone know of a 2016 replacement or upgrade to GPC? Thanks!
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    Advanced Question GPC or equiv for v. 2016?

    Hi, For shuttle landings, did the folks who made GPC MFD for 2010 upgrade it for 2016? I looked online but couldn't find it. If not, is there a new equivalent? Mostly I want OPS3 -- which gives energy and alt for the shuttle as it lands. Thanks again! --PDN
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    Programming Question Atlantis Launch program

    Hi, In v. 2010, I loved getting into Atlantis, pulling up a TERM, using the INP button to enter " run('atlantis/launch') " and a couple of other things, and then watching the autopilot get me into orbit. In v. 2016, I was surprised to find that these commands still work! However, watching...
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    Total # of Orbiter downloads (from inception)?

    Hi, Anyone know what the total number of Orbiter downloads is? (From the inception of the software) I noticed something like 17,000 "orbinauts" registered on this forum... Wondering if # of downloads of actual software significantly higher. TY
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    General Question Quicksave files from 2010 --> 2016?

    Hi, Do quicksave files (*.scn I think) from Orbiter 2010 work in 2016 version? Thanks!
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    Advanced Question Fuel: 3D panel cockpit view Space Shuttle? And more...

    Hi, (I'm still running Orbiter 2010. :-) ) So I am flying the Space Shuttle in 3D cockpit view (F8). I know in 2D view, you can see the fuel quantity in the "engine info display" screen. Is there a way to see fuel quantity staying inside the cockpit? A key command? A custom MFD? If I...
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Hi indy91! I'm back after a hiatus -- getting up and running on a new computer, busy schedule, etc. Are you still there, and if so, are you still available to address questions? Thanks! --PDN
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Hi -- I'll try that switch soon. I know this is off topic, but I have Orbiter 100830 running on a Windows 7 Pro system. I need to change computers. What Windows systems since Win 7 will run 100830 successfully? Thanks!
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Houston, this is Apollo 7. So I've done two SPS burns. Things seemed pretty good, except for same problem both times: after the burn, there is a small -dv (-1.7, -1.6) which I'm then supposed to correct with keypad 6 or 9 (trans thrusters). Alas, those thrusters do not work. (Neither...
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    @asbjos -- thanks -- good to know. FYI my frame rate isn't good enough to attempt, so I'm staying at 10x. And -- I just found the SRC button in the Project Apollo MFD. You have to click TELE first. On into the Rendezvous page -- wish me luck!!
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    When I press T, it goes 10x then 100x. How do you get 50x?
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Houston, this is Apollo 7. I'm back from my (non-cklst) rest time... I've made it to AGC - State Vector Update on the Flightplan (t+ 4:45:00). I believe this is on the AGC tab of the Flightplan .xls file, under heading Automatic SV Update. Alas, when I go to Proj Apo MFD, I do not see SRC as...
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    NASSP -- help with +Xsc item

    Hi! I made it to the end of the separation checklist! Now I've got around 35 minutes of mission time to kick back, pop open a plastic squeeze bottle of beer (they had those on Apollo 7, didn't they? :cool: ) and relax. I may not be flying much in the next 10 days -- going away. I'll see you...