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    NEWS: Asteroid about to take a little dip on earth's gravity well

    I'd hate to see what would happen if this were to get into Earth. The rock that created Meteor Crater in Arizona was guessed to be about 50 meters in diameter. Imagine what size the crater of this one would be like if it were to impact?:blink:
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    How old are you?

    Another 44 here.
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    News My Gemini is not your Gemini

    Those do look great. Making them even better in immersion. I love the cable texture on the front underside panel inside the capsule. :thumbup: This will bring in a second life to the Gemini missions. Great work there. Keep up the great work.
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    Curious about the way Don Pettit is holding the Nikon D3

    So with that camera, in essence, it don't really matter if it's upside down or right side up. Very good indeed. Maybe someday, I can buy a fancy great camera like that too.
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    Here is what happens if you crash into the sun.

    Let's see some screens of this. Post it on the screen shot thread. Don't just say it. Show it to us. :P We want some proof instead of just word of mouth. For all we know, you can just be making it up.
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    What simulations do you play beside Orbiter?

    Flight Simulator 2002, 2004, XPlane 9, Falcon 4.0 and its different variants(Free Falcon, SP4, BMS). Oh, almost forgot one thing too in the flight side. Gunship. Microsoft Train Simulator, (I have also 2 versions of Trainz Railroad Simulator, but don't have it installed no more I just have it...
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    News Neil Armstrong gives a rare interview

    That is rare. It's usually his old partner, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, that seem to get all these different media appearances. I even remember Edwin showing up in Sesame Street. :)
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    Anyone familiar with JAXA launches that's preferably Japanese?

    Anyone here that's Japanese? I have a question about a launch clip and saw something on the scene in while JAXA was performing their launch of the GCOM-W1 If you watch the video clip below: JAXA GCOM-W1 launch And go to the time slot of ~11:00. Look down at the area of the bottom left of the...
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    Astrophoto thread (your own photos please)

    That's a pretty sharp picture of Saturn. That must be some very powerful telescope there. How does Jupiter look through your telescope?
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    News The Iowa rides again (kinda)

    Tactical mobility? I highly doubt it. The Iowa Classes can move as fast as the carriers. And thus can move just as fast.
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    News The Iowa rides again (kinda)

    That would be an extremely expensive upgrade. If you're going to go that way. You may as well turn her into a Space Battleship ala Space Battleship Yamato. :lol:
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    News The Iowa rides again (kinda)

    Getting it ready just in time for Independence day eh? That's nice. That will be an interesting display to visit if ever I get any time to visit the territory there. Mojoey, you should ask our resident former battleship crew member here what he thinks about that one.:thumbup:
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    Search The Perfect Capsule and its Parent

    Only one capsule that I know fits that bill. But it's not designed for Mars, rather to the moon. And that is NASSP's Apollo. As for anyone else following in that detail of a panel, I have yet to hear of one being made.
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    Meteor explosion in northern USA

    It's been already close to a month and they're still at it eh? These folks must have nothing else to do. :lol:
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    Rant Vimeo changes embed options

    It's possible your work don't allow certain things to be shown. Perhaps you're not supposed to be on that site anyway? At least from your work. Remember, you're supposed to be working. Not watching videos. :P