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    Update XR1 1.11 / XR2 1.6 / XR5 1.9 Maintenance Releases

    I was wondering which version was the beta dll's compiled against. Trying to run it on the latest beta (r.20 or 130101) yields a crash, but it works on 121103.
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    Hey guys. I saw there wasn't too much development on the client, so I thought I would poke around with it. My first objective was to update the plugin to the new beta, so I went and compiled it for the latest orbiter api [from svn, 130101 or r20]. It seems to be working properly. I'm not going...
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    Update [obsolet] OrbiterSound 4.0 - dev thread

    Im in the same boat as Zachstar, but after reading DanSteph's last post, I'd be willing to help out where I can. PM sent
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    There seems to be a bug on drawing the planet surface tiles. It looks like it's on all the planets, but its most noticeable on the moon. This only happens when I use a higher level texture, and I am currently using
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Well, Rev 34 seems to work in the D3D11 client just fine. I only had one instance where it crashed, but I have been unable to re-create it. Got two tablets coming in the mail sometime this week, in the mean time, ill keep poking at it
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    Home cockpit for Orbiter

    I guess i'll chime in here, since I want to make a simpit too. Although I have a slightly different mindset. I have yet to find a good resource for making a cockpit to your liking (correct me if I'm wrong here). And generating the input has always linked to modding a consumer grade joystick or...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Free time is always in short supply, or at least less than what you want. :) Further prodding reveled no direct clues, but here is what ive observed Testing different sketch pad modes; "GDI only" & "D3D11Pad for back buffer ¿only?" (doesnt all fit in my window) seem to exhibit the same...
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    External MFDs for Orbiter

    Hey kamaz First off, sdklfsdflasd. I wasn't expecting this to work out of the box. But it does, and for the most part, its awesome. I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to display correctly on a smaller device (3.2 in) but I figure tweaking the config will fix that. Now it seems that it...
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    Project D3D11Client download and installation instructions

    Bitbucket updated their UI, so I though I would post on how to change the how-to to reflect the changes Change 1. & 2. to the following 1. Go to and click "Downloads" near the top middle of the screen. Then click the "Branches" subcategory under where you just...
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    Project Planetary Textures for D3D11

    Im getting a 404 error for all three of the Callisto files. Are the links right and are the files there?
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    To be honest, when I saw that that feature, I thought to myself "It's pretty cool, but I don't think I'll be using it that much". Then I did a de-orbit... during the night... and if it wasn't for the lights, I would not have been able to do an unpowered landing (First one, btw, thanks to...
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    Project D3D11Client Development

    I remember seeing this post when it was at 4 pages, thinking "This has a lot of potential", and now its pushing 17 pages with support and rapid development! First things first, great job guys. The normal maps & the terrain generation & the night runway lights & the kdhfklsdfhksdjf It's all just...
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    Help / tutorials on setting up OMP

    Hello everyone!| Im fairly new to orbiter and OMP, but not to computers or programming I was wondering if there were any newer help files, or even tutorials on omp. I would like to start my own server, but I need to know how to set up some things, like different scenerios, or adding...
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    OMP Support

    I have a slight problem. When i try to activate OMP on the modules tab, the whole app (orbiter 2010) closes without an error or warning. any suggestions?