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    [Other] [DK] OGLA-grafikklient

    Du skal være velkommen, asbjos! Mange tak for din input.:cheers:
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    What music are you listening to?

    Right now, my two favorite songs are: Get It On - T. Rex I Love To Boogie - T. Rex
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    Hello From UK!

    A warm welcome from Denmark! :tiphat:
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    [Other] [DK] OGLA-grafikklient

    Hej alle danskere! Er der nogen, der har nogle erfaringer med OpenGL-klienten OGLA til Orbiter? Hvor godt et alternativ til D3D9 er den egentlig? I så fald vil jeg rigtig gerne høre fra jer. M.v.h. DanishOrbinaut
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    OHM G42-200 StarLiner WIP-302

    Moach, are you still developing on this, or what? I can't wait till this beautiful craft gets "final release" status! Maybe the next thing to add should be some airbrakes. Landing is pretty hard without such things:) :cheers:
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    Im new

    Welcome to O-F! :) It's always nice to meet new people in this community. I hope you will enjoy the game as much as we do!:thumbup: Best regards, DanishOrbinaut
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    Hello from Japan

    Welcome to O-F, my friend! :hello: If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. There will always be people here, ready to help, including myself. Best regards, DanishOrbinaut PS: Don't forget to hail the mighty Probe!:hailprobe:
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    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    Thank you. ---------- Post added at 10:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 PM ---------- One more question: There is a version of TransX included in the beta, but when I attempt to bring it up, it just answers me with a CTD. If it is included, it should be working?
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    What do you think about the new Orbiter 2015 Beta?

    Is it fantastic, playable, still too many bugs??
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    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    Hello, Am I the only one, who have problems with the DeltaGlider IV? All the scenarios is just going to give the Windows window, saying "orbiter.exe has encountered an error and needs to close". All my other scenarios work just fine. Anyone know a solution? Best regards, DanishOrbinaut
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    Orbiter beta texture issues

    Thank you Martin, if you need a test person, just give me a wave;)
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    Orbiter beta texture issues

    Could the tiles containing northern Denmark, southern Norway and southern Sweden soon be processed? I would love to have the full Denmark in hi-res, since I only have southern Denmark in hi-res. Would be nice :)
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    Software Joystick not working with Orbiter_NG

    Never mind, dbeachy. I didn't assign my Logitech to Joystick1 under Configure Joysticks.;) I did that, and now as I move the stick and press some buttons, the fields turn yellow. I declare this problem solved, except that the fire button(Button 1) doesn't work. Even though I assigned NUMPAD5...
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    Software Joystick not working with Orbiter_NG

    Hello all Orbinauts! :tiphat: This might have been questioned before, but I wasn't able to find a good answer, so I thought I will post my specific problem. My joystick is a Logitech Attack 3, and back when I used the standard non-NG launcher, I used to assign the buttons on it to the keyboard...
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    Software [D3D9Client] Hangrail missing

    Okay, thank you. I can tell that I just have to live without the hangrails if I want to use D3D9:( Thank you for the answers.