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    Tutorial Selecting the correct altitude for a given peak hull temp with the Ravenstar.

    Hope this won't count as resurrecting an old thread. I found this post super interesting, but photobucket took a dump on the pictures, so here they are again from It might be more useful to edit the original post.
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    News NASA open-sources a bunch of software (and data) Cool stuff! I haven't looked into the specifics, anything in there that's useful to us?
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    Question Change keyboard shortcuts for XR1/2/5

    No worries! Looks like the external numpad is the way to go then. Or maybe a joystick; my forum searches tell me that's better for atmospheric flight. (My only objection to external things is that the distance from main keyboard to numpad is greater than between main keyboard and trackpad -- I...
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    Question Change keyboard shortcuts for XR1/2/5

    Yes, I could, though that is not my question. I may have to buy one in the end, but I wanted to see first if there's another way that I might have missed :)
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    Question Change keyboard shortcuts for XR1/2/5

    Hi all, What ways are there to change the default keyboard shortcuts for the XR series ships? Because I run Orbiter 2016 on a 13in laptop, the numpad is missing, so I'm considering mapping Alt-[some 4x3 square of keys] to the usual numpad actions. Unfortunately, the XR shortcuts are in the way...
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    Discussion The Ultimate Chinese Space Discussion Thread!

    It launched! Launch time 14:04:09 UTC, everything nominal, solar panels extended. Happy mid-autumn festival!
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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    Wow, never had a CPU run out on me before, as if it were fruit juice or something. Such free host. Thank you Xyon! Meanwhile, I'm getting another host asap. EDIT: is working again! Moved to OVH. @John Lawson, I am in fact in UWaterloo, came here for two exchange terms...
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    Updates Orbital Sciences' Cygnus CRS Flight 1 through Flight 8 updates.

    I heard that too, something along the lines of "and uh, definitely don't talk to the press [sound muted]".
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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    LONG POST INCOMING Oh dear, thank you for all of your kind comments and your feedback! I've been preparing for Hell week (midtermssss) so couldn't answer you all right away. I'm sorry! I thought the mouse allowed for more fine-grained control over where the rocket was going; keys felt too...
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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    Something with "space, rockets and gravity" was all I could think of when I walked in to the GI Game Jam (organized by UWaterloo's Games Institute) about two weeks ago. So here's grav, a 2D simpler version of Orbiter, where you control a rocket that obeys the laws of motion and gravity. - Ship...
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    Stupidity in overdrive!

    ... and there's more pictures!
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    Astra, an n-body simulator in Flash

    Sorry everyone, I was working on the site. Moved every swf into a "files" folder, forgot to update the links. Everything *should be working now!
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    Astra, an n-body simulator in Flash

    Field lines and Lagrange points... I'll have to try to understand how to calculate them! Thanks ADSWNJ! Do you have any ideas for resonant encounter? Do you mean things like Jupiter's resonant satellite system (1:2:4) ?
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    Astra, an n-body simulator in Flash

    Woah! It's been a long time. Finally decided to follow up on my previous attempt at making a gravity simulator in Flash from 1.5 years ago. It's here. (Or directly here for the current version, prototype102.) Technical stuff: - 3D! - Lots more planets and...
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    Updates STS-135 Updates

    Entry interface!