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  • Hi CigDriver,
    I can imagine that people are asking you this a lot, but do you ever plan to continue your Hyperdart, and will we ever see a release of the FDL-5? I think the FDL5 looks fantastic from what I've seen, and I'm greatly impressed by the intricacy of the Hyperdart. However, if you don't plan to continue work on these things, or even if you've quit Orbiter, that's perfectly fine- it's your project and your choice after all. I'm just curious as to what your stance is on these projects.
    Cheers and hail probe
    HyperDart is technically still under development, but RL has been kicking my butt lately :) Once the load at work calms down I'll be back working on the Dart and the FLD-5
    i work out the animations in my 3d soft, then doug beachy used those as a guide to code the animations for orbiter. so yes, as far as i know you have to hand code the animation for use in orbiter. Good luck!

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