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  • Greetings Cale
    Good to find you here, because the Orbithangar review system doesn't give a chance to reply.
    First up, thanks very much for the good reviews, and congratulations on the success of your XR1 skins.
    Next, I want you to know I gave you credit for the idea for the shuttle-like skin
    because it really was your idea and you went ahead and did your own set for the XR1 while I was still at the headscratching stage, so it seems right and proper to me. It was a very good idea too, judging by the download figures for both our skinpaints a few folks wanted a shuttle-like paintjob. I am very pleased. It was in fact quite challenging, so I am really happy with the response.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I won't be doing any more skinpaints for a while, as I want to get even further out of my depth and try for a simple mesh and spacecraft3 number next. I promised my 10 year old son that we would make a working Orbiter model of a spacecraft he drew for me for the purpose. Like most 10 year olds nowadays he's a bit of a videogame nut and he has talked about game developing as a job, so I want to give him an exposure to simple modelling and coding so he gets a rough idea of what really goes on. If it works out I'm going to post it, but who knows when that'll be...
    So regarding XR1 skins, if you want it I give you permission to port/copy any bits of my paint scheme you want to use over to your own XR1 skins, because you seem to be a jolly decent chap and when you mentioned the possible nose mod you said you'll give me any due credit, which I appreciate. I can't see me doing an XR1 skin in the forseeable future, and you're already in there doing them. It's easy to be misunderstood without visuals, so I hope I am not coming across as arrogant. Scorpion SK was really good about giving me permission to use his white skin however I wanted, so I reckon I should have the same attitude.
    Finally, thanks for taking the trouble to communicate, and good luck with your own
    Orbiter explorations, in whatever direction you choose to travel.
    Rick AKA Black Dog
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