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    Request Aircrafts and spaceships from Macross franchises

    I don't remember seeing anything for Macross, and a quick OHM search doesn't turn up anything. As far as atmospheric flight characteristics in space ... it looks cooler on the screen even though the wings would make no difference whatsoever in space ... nothing for the control surfaces to act...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    nor you ... To each their own ... I'm just having a bit of trouble understanding the sudden upsurge in the popularity of "My Little Pony" of all things ... :confused: Maybe I'm just getting old.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Old hardware bites me in the arse again ... definitely time to start budgeting for a system upgrade. :censored: Thanks much for the info.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I was trying using the orbiter_ng client. My cpu is an Athlon XP series. Been planning to upgrade ... my home system is getting a bit long in the tooth ...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    This may have been covered ... if so, sorry ... I searched but couldn't find this particular problem. Been out of orbiter for a while due to real-world issues ... loaded a fresh clean orbiter 100830 load, no add-ons in it at all ... unzipped - copied/pasted rc39 to the orbiter directory. I...
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    Science If you have insect phobia do not click - World's biggest bug.

    Was it just me ... or did anyone else look at it and also immediately visualize a top hat, tails, and an umbrella?
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    Yeah, I got that from a screen grab from the episode 'Wild Horses" ... you're one of the few...

    Yeah, I got that from a screen grab from the episode 'Wild Horses" ... you're one of the few people to notice ... or at least, say anything. :D
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    Orbiter theme song?

    I kind of like Enigma.
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    OHM Farside
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    Software Orbiter in a VM

    I am an IT person myself ... I figured I'd hit issues running in a VM ... but, I was wanting to keep everything non-work related segregated to it's own little sandboxed world if possible. Just easier to keep track of things that way, and there are no questions popping up about what is running...
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    Software Orbiter in a VM

    Has anyone had any luck running Orbiter in a VM session? Specifically, I'm trying to run it in a VMware session on my work laptop. Either the planet/ship textures look nice and the stars turn into huge square grey blocks, or the stars look nice and no textures show up at all (transparent...
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    Question 3D Orbiter support?

    I recently went and saw The Last Airbender in 3d ... my first viewing of a "Real 3D" movie ... the glasses were very comfortable ... after about 5 minutes I didn't even notice I had them on ... and that was even while wearing them over my normal prescription glasses. Great results, no...
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    OHM Frontier: 55 Cancri

    Star Frontiers ... Loved that game ... bought up everything (what little there was) I could find of it back in the day ... everyone wanted to just play standard AD&D ... blah. Still have the rulebooks around here somewhere ...
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    OHM Skin Whiteblack FrelonIX

    Looks like back in '06 ... About half-way down the page.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Don't know exactly who the voice is, but according to it's a sample from Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds Following that link, the most likely candidate is 'Julie Covington'