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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Yes, that one. I took the ISS to Saturn with it (w/ IEAT MFD)
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Reusable Nuclear Shuttle for Orbiter 2010 (RNS, which I like), appears to work OK.
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    OHM G42-200 StarLiner WIP-302

    Up and back from ISS. Up using both LaunchMFD (at <30km) and UAP; then back using BaseSync, AerobrakeMFD and PursuitMFD at 15 degrees Nose Up. Burn until about 10000km short when in Retrograde using Aerobrake at Alt 350k, swing around to 15NU and glide her in. I do cheat, and Fuel Transfer the...
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    Idea Automatic Hud color changer MFD,or App.

    Yes, it would be nice. Here is how I do it: Red= Base Launch or Entry, or Docking Manuever (<100km) Amber (it is amber, BTW)= When ECC >1.0, but still within a planet's SOI. Green= When in Orbit around a planet, and completely within it's SOI. Blue= During Taxi, or while in the Sun's SOI (in...
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    OHM Grey Maps v1.1

    ...or the Standard MapMFD, if you added "MFDMapVersion = 0" to the Orbiter.cfg. If you please, where would I put this? ; === ORBITER Master Configuration File === EchoAllParams = FALSE LPadRect = 0 0 550 571 ; === Logical parameters === DamageModel = 1 RefuelOnPad = FALSE ; === Visual...