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I think there are many situations like this: An Orbinaut and Add-On developement-brginner has ideas for Add-Ons and he can create 3d-models. Another one can just create config-files. I think if in this cases they would work together there would be lot's more cool Add-Ons. This group is to make those projects.
7 0 0 0
Here at ISI we design, texture, and do all kinds of fun stuff with UCGO. We love UCGO and love to make UCGO cargos and vehicles.
11 2 2 0
10:08 AM
by HAL9001
Group for anyone interested in the future of multiplayer or single player time trial races
42 3 70 1
09:57 AM
by HAL9001
This is an new group for an pilots of orbiter with 500 days or more flying an spaceship of orbiter. Then we go to make challenges with the UCGO, DG-IV 2, Ummu 2.0 ... Dansteph addons. Remember to get in from time to time in this forum with new ideas!
16 1 1 20
10:54 AM
by HAL9001
Our goal:To make space travel affordable for the common man.
3 1 1 3
08:52 PM
by Kevon Daye
from the big cities of Cork and Dublin, to the small villages of Sradbally and Ardfinnan, anyone who is Irish can join this group, even northerners!
4 1 2 0
03:59 PM
by cinder1992
This is a group for any and all Alaskan Orbinauts, Orbinuts and Orbinoobs. Just so you know you aren't flying alone :)
1 1 1 0
10:49 PM
by Bloodworth
This group is for anyone who is a pilot in the fictional add-on "Frontier 55:Cancri"
2 1 2 0
10:24 AM
by TheEyes
Social group for the OFSS Project. OFSS Forum: http://orbiter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=81
67 10 418 56
05:14 PM
by Tex
Developers and contributers to the upcoming "Construction Zone" surface base editor.
9 5 35 4
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