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Private temporary group for the creation of Arrow Freighter voices.
6 3 19 3
For people who speak Brazilian-Portuguese and Portugal-Portuguese.
17 5 16 6
This group is for everyone who is a fan of the Dan-Steph-Add-Ons
38 2 7 5
05:19 AM
by theshhh
Beta testing of CSSC
10 4 45 0
A social group that welcomes and unites orbinauts in all of the world to keep the orbiter community alive . "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." All orbinauts are WELCOME.. All orbinauts are welcome......
3 1 1 0
Here will be posted the links of the latest alpha release, which is much more convenient than sending PMs.
6 5 23 0
Space-Universal, a Vsa, wich should first do Orbital missions and ta also solar-system-exploration i the easy style - it's like a mixbetween G.W.'s isa and OFMM-light - we do similar missions as ISA (wich means many different) butt htat in OFMM-light-style - maybe later a combination with REOTIO might be possible.
5 3 8 1
01:06 PM
by HAL9001
after OFMM there was another group founded, called REVIO. Now I want to found and lead a third group to explore my favorite celestial body, Titan. It's called Realistic Exploration Of Titan In Orbiter. Everyone, who would like to explore Titan in the OFMM-lite stile (not as hard as OFMM-normal) is welcome.
8 8 140 10
06:58 PM
by HAL9001
Members that have proven themselves to be a positive part of the community
46 1 142 0
This project will combine many space stations created by users and put them all in one scenario
12 3 8 16
07:15 AM
by Chub777
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