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Orbiter Download

Terms of Use: Orbiter is free for personal and educational use. By downloading, you agree to the Orbiter Freeware License.

System requirements: Make sure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements listed HERE.


ORBITER 2010-P1 [Patch ONLY] (24 MB) - (v.100606 to v.100830)


Orbiter can be installed manually by extracting a ZIP file, or automatically by running an MSI installation file.

ORBITER 2010-P1 [ZIP] full installation file
orbiter100830.zip [129 MB]

ORBITER 2010-P1 [MSI] full installation file
orbiter100830.msi [135 MB]

ZIP installation vs. MSI installation...What's the difference?

Manual ZIP file extraction is the traditional method for Orbiter installation. Download the ZIP file, create an Orbiter folder, and extract the contents of the ZIP file into the folder. That's all, and you are ready to launch orbiter.exe. This method is non-intrusive (it doesn't change the registry or system resources), allows multiple copies of Orbiter on a single system, and can be uninstalled by simply deleting the Orbiter folder. The MSI (Microsoft installer) method installs Orbiter like a normal Windows application. Just run the MSI file to start the interactive installation process. This method will automatically create a desktop shortcut and start menu entry, including an uninstall option. This method is easy to use, but a bit more restrictive.

Optional Texture Packs
Optional texture packs provide high resolution surface textures for planets and moons included within Orbiter distribution, as also additional celestial sphere backgrounds in various wavelength ranges.
The following downloads are available as .torrent files and magnet links. To download the actual ZIP archives containing texture files by using these links, you will need a BitTorrent client. If you prefer direct download links, please refer to Additional Download Sites.
Textures & their level Torrent file Magnet link Download size
Planets and Moons (1) Download torrent Planets_and_moons.zip magnet 44.75 MiB
Celestial backgrounds Download torrent csphere100830.zip magnet 38.51 MiB
Download torrent Earth091124_11_14.zip magnet 300.07 MiB
Download torrent Moon090730_L11.zip magnet 671.54 MiB
Download torrent Mars091218_11.zip magnet 670.78 MiB
All following textures are included also in the "Planets and Moons" package
Download torrent Mercury_L8.zip magnet 12.02 MiB
Download torrent Phobos_L5.zip magnet 0.44 MiB
Download torrent Deimos_L5.zip magnet 0.43 MiB
Download torrent Io_L7.zip magnet 3.12 MiB
Download torrent Enceladus_L8.zip magnet 9.81 MiB
Download torrent Tethys_L7.zip magnet 2.44 MiB
Download torrent Rhea_L7.zip magnet 2.04 MiB
Download torrent Titan_L7.zip magnet 3.29 MiB
Download torrent Iapetus_L8.zip magnet 8.76 MiB
  1. "Planets and Moons" package contains all planet & moon textures except: "Earth L11-14", "Mars L11", "Moon L11" and "Celestial backgrounds".
To install any of the high resolution texture packs, extract contents of their ZIP archive into Orbiter folder. Make sure that the folder structure of the ZIP file is preserved when extracting.

Orbiter Beta

Please note that the beta versions of Orbiter are potentially unstable and may not work with add-ons compiled for Orbiter release distributions.

Orbiter Beta contains bug fixes implemented after the Orbiter 2010-P1 release and new features that will or may be implemented in the upcoming release (4).

Current Orbiter Beta versions:

Starting from December 2012 Orbiter Beta is provided via a Subversion repository, currently located at svn://orbiter-forum.com/orbiter address.

In order to check out a beta snapshot of Orbiter you will need an SVN client, such as TortoiseSVN.

If you have had a pre-2014 SVN Orbiter Beta already checked out, you cannot get the latest version with an update, due to complete recreation of the SVN repository on a new server. Instead, you have to check out a fresh version using the provided earlier SVN address.

Planetary Textures:

Starting from 2015 the textures for Earth, Moon and Mars are no longer part of the SVN repository. You have to download them separately from the Texture pack page and extract them into your Orbiter Beta directory.

At least low-resolution global surface texture packs are required to run recent versions of Orbiter Beta correctly.

Legacy Orbiter Beta Packages:

Below are also available legacy Orbiter beta update packages, which may still be required by latest releases of some of external graphics clients. They are patch files that contain the differences to the Orbiter 2010-P1 (build 100830) Release version (1). They are provided in 7z format.

Legacy full update packages (releases required by some versions of external graphics clients):
From version To version Patch file Download size Comments
100830 111105 orbiter111105-100830diff.7z 9.4 MiB Updates Orbiter 2010-P1 (release, build 100830) to Orbiter Beta 111105.
100830 121103 orbiter121103-100830diff.7z 12.0 MiB Updates Orbiter 2010-P1 (release, build 100830) to Orbiter Beta 121103.

To install any of the above beta update packages, you need an extraction utility that supports the 7z compression format, such as 7-zip. If you already have an installation of Orbiter 2010-P1 (v.100830), make a backup before you will apply the patch on it (2). Otherwise, download and install the 2010-P1 release version first. To apply the beta patch, copy the beta package archive into your Orbiter root directory and extract, retaining folder structure (3).

  1. The patch is relative to a fresh Orbiter 100830 installation after the installation verification has been executed. In other words, the installation verification will not be executed again after installing the patch. Your system is assumed to to be set up for running orbiter (including VC runtime libraries and DirectX installation).
  2. The patch has only been tested on a clean Orbiter 100830 installation. It may or may not work on orbiter installations that contain addons.
  3. It is recommended to apply the patch to a ZIP installation of the Orbiter release package, not to an MSI installation (replacing files may confuse the MSI unistaller).
  4. Please do not publish any add-ons or modules linked against a beta version of the Orbiter API. The programming interface changes rapidly during beta development, and addons compiled against a beta will almost certainly not work with the current or next release version (and probably not even with the next beta).

Additional Download Sites
  • orbithangar.com [http]
    • Orbiter main & beta distribution; previous versions

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