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Thinking of better thread titles

Posted 11-01-2010 at 06:26 PM by jedidia

Seriously, look at three of my four latest blog entries, and it can really make you wonder how unimaginative a man can be... But I allways sucked at naming things. I'll try to do better in the future none the less!

Anyways, as every month my connection died a rather rapid death after the twentieth, with the last 6 days of the month being effectively in the grave. Precise like a swiss clock it came back on the first, so I can post again. I really have to have a chat with my provider, but bosnians and customer service usually go together like salt and coffee...

Due to the lacking connection I had more time to code, but I hit a wall with testing: I need an apropriate vessel to test the code I wrote for stack burns, but had none available on my drive and no way to download one (until now I did testing with a heavily modified deepstar, but it seems to be a rather complicated thing to get two of those into the same scenario...)

I started to write up documentation in the meantime, there's a lot to expand on the documentation of the Galaxy Map. So far I have an installation and configuration guide, a short quickstart tutorial, a detailed description of the MFD (still writing up a quick and dirty tutorial to get into the workings of the MFD faster) and a moding guide (i.e. a documentation of the config file needed to add a custom system to Orbiter Galaxy).
All in all it looks nice. I'll have to see how the tests for the stack code fare, and add some additional configuration buttons to the MFD, but It's almost finished. Once everything works there will still be the implementation of the new texture library, but that shouldn't take long unless Artlav replaced the whole interface with something completely different. I'd say you'll have to give me another two weeks to wrap everything up, but then it'll come equiped with all the extras I thought it just *might* have at this early stage, and some extra, including a standalone exe file that also offers a function to completely export a system including an Orbiter Galaxy configuration file for all your solar system developing needs.

Just to give an advanced warning to overenthusiastic people, Neither the galaxy map, its GUI nor any of the generating routines have significantly changed since the demo (I corrected masses and sma of moons around gas giants to more probable levels, but that's all), so the galaxy will still look pretty much the same, with all those bugs and weird odities that have already been pointed out by Linguofreak and company. Rest assured that your input has not been forgotten for a single moment, it's just that the sole priority for this release was to get the thing playable. Once the most serious bugs are squashed and it runs stable for most people, There will be a major rework of the generator and the GUI of the Galaxy Map. Though it'll probably take the better part of 2011...
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