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T+10 hours Engineering Log

Posted 09-17-2013 at 10:36 PM by Dantassii

So far the mission has gone without any major issues. During the TEI, the TransX MFD crashed and had to be rebooted. This was in the middle of the burn so the attitude was already locked in and the burn in progress. Backup timers allowed us to complete the burn manually and no Mid Course Correct (MCC) was required at the first MCC opportunity.

During the TEI burn, EHE engine #13 ran a little hotter than expected and EHE engines # 4 and 10 ran a little cooler, but all were within normal operational temperatures. All the NTEs operated nominally during the TEI. If all goes well, the NTEs will not be used during the remainder of our mission.

Mission timeline is as follows:
  • T+24 hours First mission day complete
  • T+30 hours MCC 2 if needed (expected to be used)
  • T+2 days Calculate Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Injection burn parameters, shut down hydroponics, life support, and extra cooling modules, bring SSTV-01 to burn attitude, perform LEO Injection burn, complete standard orbital alignment and approach to ISS, and dock with ISS.
  • T+3 days through T+15 days A total of 18 XR5 flights (from 6 XR5s) will be performed from various spaceports around the globe to bring up cargo modules and fuel.
  • T+20 days 2 XR5s will launch and dock with SSTV-01 and our 36 passengers will be welcomed aboard.
  • T+21 days Final engineering checks will be performed and go/no-go decision made for TJI.
  • T+22 days After several hours of calculations for a minimum time trip to Jupiter, the TJI burn will be performed using only the EHEs.
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