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Flights 40 and 41 - Doing Some More Work

Posted 11-21-2015 at 05:46 PM by n122vu

I've been ill the last couple weeks, so I'm going to include two flights in one quick post. On 10/20 I went up with my CFI to knock out the .7 hours of hood work, starting with another instrument takeoff. While in the air we also worked on stalls and slow flight - the first time I had worked on either in a year I believe. I also got in 2 more night landings, and I exceeded the requirement for simulated instrument, getting an additional 1.1 hours in under the hood.

On 11/3 I got...
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Flight 39 - Workin' on the Night Moves

Posted 11-04-2015 at 04:26 PM by n122vu

10/13/2015 This was a pretty laid-back, no-pressure flight for the most part. I met my CFI at the airport around 19:30 local. An hour later than I normally start, I was feeling tired from a hard day at work & couldn't wait to get in the air and engage my flying brain, letting the stress of the day fade into the distance.

I had 2 goals for this flight - fulfill the night cross-country requirement (100nm total distance), and complete the remaining number of night landings...
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Interplanetary Math, Part 1: Delta-V

Posted 10-25-2015 at 02:39 AM by PeriapsisPrograde

I have recently taken an interest in doing the math for my orbital maneuvers in Orbiter and Kerbal Space Program by hand. I am mostly writing these down for my own reference (sorry for the sloppy disorganization), but perhaps they will be useful for someone else, so I am publishing them here.

There are many different things to consider when planning an interplanetary trajectory. You need to account for the delta-v and timings of everything for you heliocentric transfer orbit as well...
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Short, II

Posted 10-21-2015 at 06:33 PM by Xyon (Rambling Sysadmin)

Jameson woke up without ever having realised he'd gone to sleep. As is usual in these cases, his body took a moment to perform an automated "systems check" to ensure vital elements such as arms, legs, heads, guts, and other associated components were indeed still attached and functional. The results were promising. However the next phase of the systems check, which focuses on trying to establish some kind of contact with the world outside, was not going so well.

For starters,...
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Flight 38 - Three Towers Solitaire at Sundown

Posted 10-19-2015 at 08:09 PM by n122vu

10/6/2015 This was a straightforward flight with one primary goal - satisfy the requirement for three solo takeoffs and landings at a towered airport - and one secondary goal - chip away at the rest of my simulated instrument time.

Preflight, runup, all normal. Then, my CFI has me put on the hood as I taxi into takeoff position. "I'm going to have you do an instrument takeoff." Even though I've never done one, this actually sounded fun, which surprised me. I'm usually...
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