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Architect - The Basics

Posted 01-13-2014 at 03:30 AM by Aev

Hi everyone,

This will be the first of many upcoming biweekly blog posts. Realistically speaking, there may be times where I post weekly, but I will refrain from appearing inactive or passive by not posting for longer than two weeks. Anyway, hopefully this initial article will shed some light on any unanswered questions.

Suggestions, requests, or propositions for the project can be made here: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=32936

Alternatively, feel free to send a pm.

About Architect

What is it and what is it not? What will it do and what will it avoid? Hopefully the following will answer these two questions about the initial release.

Architect is a solar system and surface base manager, creator, and editor. The program will primarily offer manipulation of surface base objects via an intuitive interface accommodating both high precision math based designing and simple drag and drop composing. The aim is to create unobtrusive software that will be suitable for both casual and advanced usage.

Architect is...:
  • NOT a mesh editor; While the general mesh shape will be displayed, mesh editing will not be supported during the first stable release. Default meshes and textures may be provided, but Architect will not modify them
  • NOT a clone of Surface Base Wizard or Orbiter Base Maker. Though we can say that it shares the same purpose and provides many features in the aforementioned programs, interface and layout will be noticeably different.

Development Schedule

A proper schedule will be presented later; written below is a very informal description.

My goal is to produce a stable piece of software by July. It's important to note that:
  1. Depending on my own performance, a stable version may be released sooner. The month of July is simply a self created boundary to abide by.
  2. My definition of the word "stable" may need some explaining. A non-stable version may be functional much sooner than July, however, being the perfectionist that I am, I won't officially release a program that functions below my own standards.


My approach to testing the application will depend on the level of support for the program. Though some time remains before I release a component (or the full package) for experimentation, I will either do so publicly in the project thread or privately within a group.

Final Words

This project is meant to serve the community and increase scenic development within Orbiter. Though I have a solid vision in mind of my final product, I believe additional suggestions from the community can truly make the program shine. Whether or not a suggestion is feasible, practical, or a priority is another story and can be discussed or even argued. Feel free to approach me with any concerns.

With that being said, I'll post again in 2 weeks. Take care!
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