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May God stand between you and harm...

Posted 11-10-2010 at 03:19 PM by jedidia

...in all the empty places you must walk -Ancient egyptian blessing

Getting closer and closer to a first playable release, I felt like summarizing a few of the thoughts and expieriences I had during the now over two years of developement of Orbiter Galaxy.

It was one of my goals from the start to make the Galaxy Map as accessible as I possibly can, with a maximum of oversight. It is a thing I missed in each and every single space-sim I played. It is all nice to have a complete galaxy to play around in, but unless you know where you have been and where you are now in the galactic frame, there just never was any real immersion in the Galaxy per se.

Seeing the work of my own hand unfold before me, as accurate in scale as was possible to me and my limited amounts of information, was a staggering expierience. It was one thing running the numbers through my head while coding. It was a completely other kind of thing seeing visual confirmation of what it actually meant. I spent hours just scrolling through my own procedural galaxy, shaking my head every now and then when I realised that it would take me the better part of a day just to scroll from one end to the other. Switching back to the galaxy overview and seeing how little my position has moved after 15 minutes of scrolling was freaky, searching for the farthest stars in the catalogue and realising how close they actually were to the sun when looking at the whole galaxy mind boggling, considering how unimaginably far they actually are when you think about it in practical terms and not just in a nice number with an e and another nice number behind it.

Being a rather strong believer, the whole developement at times felt almost like a spiritual excercise. The universe declares his majesty indeed! Here I was, wondering at the shere vastness of my pitty creation plugged together with my limited means, knowing that it is nothing but a pale image of the real thing. And there's only ONE galaxy in there, while there are millions of them around us. And from my theological point of view, it is undebatable that God knows each and every star in those galaxies, each and every planet around them, every grain of sand, every... oh well, you get the picture. So, this developement was a most humbling, but also exhilirating undertaking. Although I have to admit that, over all, I was more humbeled by silly bugs I put into my code than by the spiritual revelations unravelling before my eyes...

Anyways, You're probably not reading this to get information about the state of my soul, but rather about the state of developement, because, let's face it, I promised this for BEGINNING of november, not for END of november. The date it will finally hit the table would probably be most accurately described as MIDDLE of november. The reason for this delay being my thouroughly non-perfectionistic attitude. For me, this thing would have been release-worthy for the better part of a month, never mind the few dozen annoying bugs and workarounds you had to employ to be actually able to play it. But fortunately (for you) I'm enough self-reflected to know that my definition of "finished" is a far cry from its dictionary definition (even for an Alpha), so I didn't throw this out prematurely. Unfortunately (for all of us) this doesn't do much to motivate me to actually fix the dozen little things, so I have been idling quite some time, fixing one tiny bit at a time. And I still am. Hell, I could have this thing out by tomorrow if I'd just have the arse to to take 5 hours in a row and finish everything nicely. But since it's not one big junk of essential code we're talking about (that I can do, that is FUN!), but a ton of small changes here and there, which also all have to be tested, I'm kind of going on fixing a few lines every evening, which is just what I can get myself to do. But even at this speed, things will be done soon. Tuesday's comming, and although it's a tuesday later than I expected, I promise that that's the latest possible release date. There you have it: I PROMISED! Now at least I have to get myself together for honors sake!
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  1. Old Comment
    !!! God is Obsolete !!!
    "Galileo vs Pope"
    Posted 11-19-2010 at 01:15 AM by trafalgar11111 trafalgar11111 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Actually God is just a not necessary word. Universe is here because it's here, not because of God. Love is love, is not something from God. People like to rejoin everything to one single point, God, but this doesn't have sense and is not even necessary for anything.
    You can enjoy/fear the huge Universe anyway.
    It's even more awesome if you think that the whole is just there for nothing, and not because someone decided this. And there is such a perfection anyway.
    Good luck with your project.
    Posted 11-20-2010 at 07:33 PM by Goth Goth is offline

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