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Setting up a goal

Posted 02-17-2011 at 04:03 PM by Sar

So I've set myself a goal! That'll be the entrance exams to university physics at 2013 or 2014 depending on how things start to roll after next summer, but if everything goes well that's pretty manageable schedule, actually I could go and do the exams this spring if I wanted to, but with my current skills that'd be like building an apartment building with toothpicks and nailpolish, so I think I'll try to up the odds a bit. So back to school it is!

School will mean at least 10 courses of math, up to 16 courses if I take every math there is, but one of them is practically useless and I'm currently studying the first course by myself so I can just do the exam and be done with it in the fall. That'll leave 9 or 14 courses to do.

With those there'll be 9 courses of physics, all of which I'll have to do if I want to actually have a change at the exams.

So 18-23 courses in three years and I'll have a fighting change getting in.

The good thing is that it's not really a popular subject around here and as far as I recall 38 or so percent of applicants get in, but you have to get at least 70% correct on the entrance exam. Not really sure about these numbers, but I'll figure them out when I get there.

Anyway, I thought I'd try this blog thing to kind of sort my thoughts and while I write them down why not publish them and wait for the public ridicule and laughter.

next on the to do list is to call the school and find out what they think about my plan. Best outcome is that they agree with me, the worst is that they'll hand me a list of 45+ courses to do.

I'll try and keep this up the pace and write about stuff I learn as I go, but if I don't then I don't. Not really a blog person, but I think everyone should try everything once.
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