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Compilear Issues

Posted 03-30-2009 at 02:45 PM by n72.75

So I finialy worked all the kinks out of my code, but the IDE I am using keeps giving me trouble.
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STS-25 with P5 segment and MPLM-1

Posted 03-30-2009 at 01:41 PM by Matte (Per Aspera ad Astra)
Updated 03-31-2009 at 01:40 PM by Matte

<<25 May 2010 , T +00h:00m:03s>>
Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off this afternoon on mission STS-25, to deliver P5 segment that will allow attachment of another solar array on the port truss in the future, and MPLM-1 a temporary storage module for fuel and rubbish.
Secondary task of the mission is to install a new pipeline that will allow emergency refueling of Soyuz vehicles from the Multi-docking Module of the Station.

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C++ Codeing problems

Posted 03-30-2009 at 12:07 AM by n72.75

Today I am working on removeing numerous codeing errors so i can finialy get my first DLL to compile.

After I get past the "get it to exist part" I will then be able to add aditional features.

I am to stuborn to ever give up, no mater how difficult the chalenge may be.
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PROGRESS-05 arrives at the station.

Posted 03-29-2009 at 11:23 PM by Matte (Per Aspera ad Astra)
Updated 04-01-2009 at 10:55 PM by Matte

<<Progress-05 , 21 March 2010>>
Progress-05 arrived at the Celestia Space Station, delivering food supplies, water, oxygen and fuel for the control systems of the complex.
Launch occured in the afternoon of the 19th.

<<Progress-05 Update , 30 June 2010>>
Progress-05 ferry undocked early this morning after beeing unloaded and reloaded with...
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STS-24 Back on Earth

Posted 03-29-2009 at 09:43 PM by Matte (Per Aspera ad Astra)
Updated 03-30-2009 at 07:36 PM by Matte

<<STS-24 Final Update, 17 March 2010>>
Discovery's wheels stopped after a perfect night landing on runway 15 at the Cape.
Discovery stayed in orbit for 14 days, traveled 9.325.000 km in 220 orbits around Earth, and was docked with Space Station for 8 days.

!!Big success!!
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