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BA Newsletter #2 (dated 3/12/2048)

Posted 01-14-2012 at 06:25 PM by Napalm42

Authors Note: I don't usually follow a standardized time schedule for my missions, whenever an idea pops in, I fly it, regardless of the timeframe, expect some entries (like this one) to be dated far into the future(Breto Aerospace's "present time" is in the year 2040.) NOW TO THE NEWS!

Hey-o everyone! We here at the PR department have just been informed that we can actually tell you what we've been doing here lately without totally getting deep-sixed to the nether regions of the Genesis planet!

Remember a few years ago when we first introduced Project ARCHEMEDES in our intro newsletter? Probably don't I'd imagine, ingrates. Anyway! In case you don't remember, ARCHEMEDES was our project to head on down to Mars and see what's up. We can now give you a detailed outline of the mission (and it's pre-start flights.) A couple of years back, an older space agency attempted to build a space station, but went defunct when backing for the project went dry. Well, we dug up some old blueprints, flew up to the truss assembly of the old station, attached a hab assembly and an engine and kaboom! The Deepstar II IPTV was born.

The original Deepstar in with Neptune in the background. Photo: 80mileshigh

Author's Note: The recent OFMM revision contributed ideas to this, my thanks to garyw and the other planners.



Launched: 12/2/2047, Wideawake International

Vessel: Neptune-1 LV

Payload: DSCS Comms Satilite

Objective: Place satellite at L2 to facilitate reliable communications on the dark side of the Moon. (This mission was originally a preparatory mission for Breto Aerospace's Lunar facility, but was included in the ACRCHEMEDES package due to it's relevancy to ARCH P2.)


Launched:12/5/2047, Wideawake International

Payload: UCGO-type base construction supplies, extended fuel/oxygen tanks, ARCHEMEDES I crew and the CEOs of Breto Aerospace and the Italian agency in partnership, who wishes to remain anon. for now.)

Objective: One-week simulation of surface time. Run emergency scenarios, which will be monitored from the XR5, and relayed back to Earth to ensure constant monitoring. Secondary objective: bring back lunar samples for NASA and the ESA. Base will be shut down and left on moon to facilitate later construction of Breto Aerospace's Lunar facility.


Launched: 12/19/2047, Capo Passero

Vessel: Jarvis-B LV

Payload: Antares-SR capsule

Objective: Fly to Deepstar, relieve skeleton crew of duty, full systems lookover, new skeleton crew takes command.

Pause for holiday hiatus.


Launched: 1/9/2048, Wideawake International

Vessel: XR5

Payload: Comet module

Objective: Resupply mission to Deepstar, bringing consumables and mission equipment. EVAs planned to service faulty internal line on tank #2. Normal maintenance scheduled.


Launched: 1/23/2048, Capo Passero

Vessel: Jarvis-B LV

Payload: Antares-SR

Objective: Primary Deepstar flight crew to Deepstar. Deepstar will be brought online to full systems capacity. Preparations for TLI.


Launched: 2/2/2048, LEO

Vessel: Deepstar

Payload: None pertaining to mission

Objective: Deepstar test flight, TLI and capture. Remain in LLO for 2 days for Martian orbital simulation. Secondary objective: Low pass flight over Tranquility Base for image capture.


Launched: 2/16/2048, Kourou

Vessel: Energia LV

Payload: Buran-T (Tanker vessel)

Objective: Tanker to Deepstar for refueling purposes, Deorbit over Atlantic Ocean.


Launched: 3/1/2048, Capo Passero

Vessel: Jarvis-H LV

Payload: Antares-LR

Objective: Italian mission crew to Deepstar. Final mission preparations begin.


Launched: 3/4/2048, Wideawake International

Vessel: DG-IV MK II

Payload: UCGO station building equipment, [CLASSIFIED] communications relay, ARCHEMEDES I primary mission crew

Objective: ARCH I primary mission crew to Deepstar. EVA to test self-deployment capabilities of [CLASSIFIED]-type communications array.


Launched: 3/4/2048, Kennedy Space Center

Vessel: XR5 ERV (Emergency Return Vehicle)

Payload: None, ERV config occupies entirety of payload bay.

Objective: Since Breto Aerospace's fleet is too small to accommodate sending out two vehicles on a long duration mission, and the Italian SA does not have any vehicle large enough to allow crew survival for the entire crew, NASA has signed up their own XR5, configured by Breto Aerospace to allow enough space to return the crew and sensitive equipment alive. Excess fuel tanks will be fed directly to the Deepstar as a final refuel. Excess tanks will be ejected once TMI burn is complete.

There you have it folks, the mission itinerary for the ARCHEMEDES program. Unfortunately, the mission ops are still classified, but we will provide them to you once the mission is completed. As we speak, the crew is being awakened to "Hymn to the Fallen" from the movie Saving Private Ryan in preparation for the TMI burn that will occur in a little over three hours. Godspeed gentlemen! We're rooting for ya!
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