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Wow so happy right now

Posted 12-25-2013 at 02:37 AM by communist

okay,so,i run a tumblr blog,and i post pictures of a controversial nature on there,so it doesnt suprise me when someone requests me to take thier pictures down
im not one to remove content when you are overly rude toward me,most of the time,that will get you more exposure in my blog
but i have stated that if you are polite about it,i will remove the content in question
so you can understand why im so happy when someone is polite in a content removal request
that just...
Resident Crazy Person
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im a...Furry

Posted 03-26-2013 at 01:04 AM by communist

yes,I am
i think this will explain
this community has helped me to be more open-minded and ive made a lot of new friends
now,i have not,nor will ever,leave this community,Orbiter is still one of those things which never gets old,im just devloping new intrests
i probably will not be active on the fourms anymore,but,im not sure,it is hard to predict myself,but i am active on FurAffinity,if anyone wishes to contact me there
Have a good day Orbiter fans,until next...
Resident Crazy Person
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Diamond City Earthquake(fictional)

Posted 12-19-2011 at 03:37 AM by communist

Diamond Citythe day after thanksgiving Diamond city was struck by a 9.1 Earthquake,so far we only have estimates but up to 25,000 people may have been affected,the city skyline has been drastically altered by the collapse of many Supertall buildings(Triton Center Complex Diamond City,Ferdinand Plaza Residences) Sky I a 340 storey tower has suffered severe structual damage,not to mention the entire structure was engulfed in flames at one time,so far The Spike [email protected] Plaza is the only 100+...
Resident Crazy Person
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DRSC launches to date

Posted 06-29-2011 at 09:12 AM by communist

1:during launch a guidance system failed,sending the spacecraft on a flight to the capitol of the country,security measures were implemented and guidance systems were upgraded.1/14/85
2:First launch from Union Spaceport,suborbital.6/5/85
3:explosion on pad,space program suspended temporarily.1/13/86
4:First sucessful orbital flight.12/20/88
5-20:orbital flight tests.3/15/89 - 2/11/93
21-38:geostationary orbital tests,low priority until announcement of new subprogram.4/12/94...
Resident Crazy Person
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