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T-48 Hours Engineering Log

Posted 02-05-2015 at 10:21 AM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

All fuel tanks have been filled successfully and are now topping off until launch. The last 6 XR5s bringing payload and passengers arrived on schedule and attaching the last payload modules to our cargo bay has been progressing nominally. The 2 XR5s we will be taking to Titan have been docked and our passengers have settled into their quarters. There are 2 remaining XR5s with cargo pallets to unload.

Our launch preparation schedule is different from Mission #1 due to lessons learned in Mission #1 and the fact that we are leaving directly from the Lunar Station for Europa without a stop over at the ISS. The Lunar Station, having been designed for refueling, repair, and construction is much more efficient at preparing SSTV class ships for departure than the ISS. It also has a crew that is over 15 times larger (90+ vs 6).

At this time all engineering boards are green.

The remaining milestones for this mission:
  • T-24 hours last 2 XR5s will depart after payload modules are secured
  • T-12 hours Begin shutdown of all hydroponics and life support modules prior to departure
  • T-5 hours All hydroponics and life support modules should be shut down by this time and all non-SSTV-01 crew and passengers will disembark to the Lunar Station
  • T-4 hours Laboratory and engineering modules will be shut down
  • T-3 hours All unneeded cooling modules will be shut down
  • T-2 hours All SSTV-01 crew will be on-deck and available for launch
  • T-0 Disconnect from Lunar Station and officially begin SSTV-01 Mission #2
  • T+1 Day Depart Lunar Orbit for a sling shot around Earth
  • T+3 Days TJI burn during sling shot around Earth
  • T+24 Days JOI burn
  • T+25 Days Arrival at Europa Station
  • T+30 Days Depart Europa Station for a sling shot around Jupiter
  • T+31 Days Trans Saturn Injection (TSI) burn during slingshot around Jupiter
  • T+130 Days Saturn Orbit Injection (SOI) burn
  • T+145 Days Arrival at Titan and begin construction of Titan Station
  • T+295 Days Departure from Titan Station
  • T+395 Days Arrival at Lunar Station and end of SSTV-01 Mission #2

HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
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