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Urk! Teh Mathz!!

Posted 10-21-2010 at 08:50 PM by jedidia
Updated 10-21-2010 at 09:03 PM by jedidia

Developement is going as well as walking under water. That time-skip propagation function is giving me more trouble than I initially thought, one simple reason being that I didn't really think about what it involves... Anyone observing the space maths thread might have witnessed my extreme clumsiness to even identify the correct function when it was presented to me on a silver tablet. But I totally have to take fuel consumption into account, because the fuel masses we are talking about for an interstellar trip are abso-fraggin-lutely HUGE.
And of course the more fuel you load, the more the initial acceleration varies from the final acceleration... I.E. you'll need a LOT more time and fuel to get up to speed than you need to get back down again. Anyone turning in mid-point would be in for a rather nasty surprise!

As it is now, I got first working results under general circumstances (thanks to Rising Fury and MindBlast, without their help I could just have sat at a camp fire and sing kumbaya). The MFD calculates the burntimes for aceleration and deceleration burn, which seems to work decently, but as I said, it's a very general aplication. As it is currently, I can skip the time of the drifting phase. skipping and correctly calculating the total time and fuel consumption while the acceleration burn isn't finished, and well into a time when the decceleration burn started isn't implemented yet, but should be possible without me having go ask mom again.

One special case is so far unsolved, though: If the distance between two stars is too short to accelerate to full speed, I'm screwed. Because it's one thing to calculate distance as a function of Delta-v, but an utterly different kind of dog to calculate Delta-V as a function of distance. Because in the first case, you have time as a given, while in the second case, time presents a second unknown variable... And even more ugly, you don't even know the exact distance, since you don't know where to turn the bloody ship around, because aceleration and deceleration burn are so asymetrical. I thought I had found a briliant way around this, but of course it turned out to be a pipe dream. And from a pipe containing a lot of illegal substances at that (no, I didn't actually smoke a pipe with such contents, but the Idea could have hardly been more bizare if I did...).

I guess I'll just have to go with iteration to solve this bugger in the end, unless MindBlast comes up with some kind of ingenious solution, but he also got his hands full hunting down a very nasty bug (the last one that really matters, it seems) in the Navigator.

Should still make it 'til november, but I don't know how streamlined the thing will be. Then again, it's an Alpha, so shame on you if you don't expect trouble!
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