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Posted 05-01-2016 at 10:24 PM by n72.75

I made a few updates to the Moth. The hull is a bit thinner and the tail is a bit shorter. The eleflaperons are now in, but the sizing needs to be reworked. I might add a third vertical stabilized depending on tail volume requirements.

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appropriate usernames strike

Posted 04-30-2016 at 12:00 AM by communist
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by the name of this entry,you probably should be able to guess at what i am implying
but,if you didn't get it: long story short,i became a communist recently
it was interesting how i went from being a "conservative" to a communist,but,hey,things happen
im not up for debate here,and i will delete any comments that are condescending towards me,or trying to be a negative and provocative idiot
thanks and have a wonderful day
Resident Crazy Person
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Posted 04-24-2016 at 06:49 PM by n72.75

Okay, I'm board. Let's make a space plane


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Posted 03-29-2016 at 03:32 PM by lzakelj

Originally Posted by BrianJ View Post
Thanks Barry.

yes, the launch is a challenge, there's not much (if any) dV to spare and the "Briz" 4th stage thrust is comparatively low, so the burns are long and you need them to be as efficient as possible. As far as I know, we don't have any trajectory planning utilities for Orbiter that can handle multiple-burn trajectory plans (possibly TransX can do that? Maybe a TransX expert can enlighten us).
So here's what I do for the Mars Transfer
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Self-Balancing Robot

Posted 03-21-2016 at 08:05 AM by Notebook

Got the HK batteries, now I know why they were so cheap...OK for this project though. Be getting back into it, now the weather is improving.

Regarding the kit. Everything is there you need, except instructions! So, wouldn't recommend it as a first project. There is help on the web.
Also, they are up to version 3 in the series. May be worth checking which version suits you best.

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