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Start of a blog: SSF Update

Posted 03-07-2009 at 05:43 PM by zerofay32
Updated 03-07-2009 at 08:26 PM by zerofay32

Normally, I wouldn't bother with a blog and nobody will read it anyways, but I have some time to kill and access to the internet with my new laptop so...

I guess I will talk about my current happenings in orbiter.
  • Buy spending most of my time in LEO, flying mainly the Shuttle, I have started a new space station based on an early consept for Space Station Freedom (SSF or Freedom). This has turned into an alternate post ISS shuttle program. Based on the question 'What if shuttle flights just plain cost less?' The program will build the SSF in three years flying around 9 shuttle flights a year. The CRV for the station is the HL-20, and it will perform crew rotations once it has been tested with a Titan III launcher. Freedom itself is in plane with the moon like the original station was to be. Also I plan on lauching Skylab-B into a poler orbit as a second componet of the SSF program just like it was origanally planed. I also plan to incorperate the Space X Dragon somewhere into the timeline aswell.
  • I also dabble in moon missions and mars flights but nothing to the extent of what I just described. Basicly just keeping my interplanetary transfer skills fresh.
Well thats about it. SSF takes up most of my 'Orbiter time' because I create mission plans and FDFs for each mission. And I create a lot of the modules myself. Nothing fancy, basicly any module or compotent that doesn't need anything extra like animations I make myself. For example, the first CRV on-station was carried to orbit on the Shuttle (the mission call was STS-FE1) so I looked at NASA docs that were PLDB interfaces for the X-38 and modified them to fit a HL-20. Pretty simple but better than having the HL-20 just flotting in the bay. I'll upload some pictures later.

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