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T+3 days Engineering Log

Posted 09-20-2013 at 08:59 PM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

4 XR5 payloads have been attached to SSTV-01 in the last 24 hours with 2 more docked and ready to unload at this time. We had several XR2s sponsored by media outlets come within a kilometer of the ISS, but as they didn't have permission to dock with the ISS that was as close as they could come. They were wanting interviews with the SSVT-01 crew, but we're all way too busy getting all our cargo pods docked and locked down.

All boards are green at this time.

Mission timeline is as follows:
  • T+3 days through T+18 days A total of 18 XR5 flights (from 6 XR5s) will be performed from various spaceports around the globe to bring up cargo modules and fuel.
  • T+20 days 2 XR5s will launch and dock with SSTV-01 and our 36 passengers will be welcomed aboard.
  • T+21 days Final engineering checks will be performed and go/no-go decision made for TJI.
  • T+22 days After several hours of calculations for a 100 day trip to Jupiter, the TJI burn will be performed using only the EHEs.
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