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The Voyages of USS Bellerophon

Posted 02-17-2016 at 08:50 PM by Trekkie

"This Story is Completely Fictional and does not follow the Main Star Trek Story"

At the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Captain Jordy and his crew were ready to go to the newest ship in the Starfleet: The USS Bellerophon (Intrepid Class Starship)

Captain Jordy Talks to his First Officer Brock

Jordy: "Brock is everything ready for our first mission?"

Brock: "Yes Captain, we are ready to head to our first stop!"

Jordy: "Okay let's go First stop Altair IV in the Altair System"

the USS Bellerophon Leaves the Space Yard over Mars

Jordy: "Warp 9! Engage"

the Bellerophon Accelerated to warp 9.4

"Captain's Log Stardate 53130.7, In a few Minutes we will arrive at The Altair System to Investigate an Anomaly near the planet Altair IV, this will be the first Test of the USS Bellerophon, lets see how this baby does this."

Soon the Bellerophon will enter the Altair System and head for Altair IV and what they find there Shocks them

To be continued.......
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