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Athena III Part-A

Posted 06-13-2012 at 10:44 PM by Lord Wasteland
Updated 06-13-2012 at 11:01 PM by Lord Wasteland (Thought that it was Artemis, and not Athena...)


May 13th, 1973, Low Earth Orbit

Commander Jonathan O'Ryan checked the communications of the Athena III as it approached the station. His target, Spacelab, was a cooperating point between the Soviet space program and NASA, for mutual expeditions to the moon. “Hey William, nice to head to space, eh?” Jonathan asked his lander pilot as the spacecraft grew closer to the station.

“Shut up, you damn Yank!” William replied in a harsh tone, as he tried...
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May 1st, 1987-August 1st, 1987 Information

Posted 01-10-2012 at 02:14 AM by Lord Wasteland

On May 3rd, 1987, Energia-Kvant was launched from Baikonur, carrying the new Mir module Kvant. Mir, at the time was designed to be a long-term orbital research laboratory, but it's purpose would be changed with the goal. The next module, was to be intended as the Kristall, for the Buran to dock with it. With a long-term lunar mission in mind, lunar crews would be launched on a Buran Shuttle-type to train for their upcoming mission.

Throughout the rest of the period, preparations would...
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Space Race

Posted 01-03-2012 at 09:50 PM by Lord Wasteland

So, I was thinking, I could have myself RP as the Soviet Space Program, with the recent release of the Buran, and create a lunar landing with the Soviet vs someone.

[SIZE="5"]New Administrator Named in Charge of Soviet Space Program; American Government Worries[/SIZE]

April 11th, 1987, Moscow, SSSR

In Soviet Russia, there are reports that a new administrator has been placed in charge of the Soviet Space Program. He is named Ilyiaschev Ofvach,...
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