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The first use of "Pipcard"

Posted 07-07-2014 at 05:51 PM by Pipcard
Updated 07-07-2014 at 11:38 PM by Pipcard

It was 2009. I had come across a free browser-based game called "Pardus". It was a space trading/combat MMORPG which had primitive graphics like this:

You could be one of four races and join one of three factions (Federation, Empire, Union), be neutral, or even be a pirate. It all took place in a galaxy divided into many sectors surrounded by impassable energy clouds and connected via wormholes.

There was an "Action Points" system; every action you did (moving, trading, attacking, etc.) cost a certain amount of points, and it replenished every hour so you could be back to full in almost a day. This was to prevent people who were on the internet all day from having an unfair advantage.

The economy was mostly player-based (aside from planets and most starbases); people could construct and manage "buildings" in space which could take in natural resources (which respawn over time), or commodities from other buildings, and produce its own commodities which could be sold or used for other production. There were even some player-owned starbases as well. A easy and lucrative form of trading was "FWE (Food/Water/Energy)" in which you would take food/water from a planet to a starbase, and take energy from a starbase to a planet.

Combat was RNG-based, and it was based on your character's skill stats, your ship's stats/equipment, and the enemy's stats. You would select a number of turns from a drop-down menu, and it would generate a battle log showing how much damage was done to each other for each turn, until one died*/got destroyed. The lowliest of enemies was the Space Maggot, but as your character's skill stats improved and you got better ships and equipment, you could fight more advanced enemies, such as Space Crystals.

*If you died, you would just respawn as a clone of yourself, and there was some penalty, but it was only temporary.

So the first time I ever used "Pipcard" (actually "Captain Pipcard"; later I started over with a character just named "Pipcard") was when I joined this site and needed a name for my character. I had lost interest in it a couple of years ago, but enjoyed it when I did have interest. Characters get deleted after 6 months of inactivity, so if I were to get back into it right now, I would have to start all over again.
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