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Posted 08-16-2009 at 02:47 AM by zerofay32
Updated 08-31-2009 at 02:23 AM by zerofay32

January 29 2011
The 16th mission to the SSF, STS-204-LF4, is about to get underway from LC-39A. This flight is a logistics flight that will deliver supplies to the station for the FE4 crew. The payloads for this flight will be a SpaceHAB SM and the Leonardo MPLM. In addition to the supplies in the PLB, the middeck is filled will additional supplies and equipment. After the MPLM is emptied, completed experiments and unneeded equipment will be transfered for return to Earth.

The mission activities are as follows:
FD1: Launch and insertion
FD2: OBSS Survey
FD3: Docking and Transfer Ops
FD4: MPLM installation and Transfer Ops
FD5: Transfer Ops and EVA Prep
FD6: EVA 1 and Transfer Ops
FD7: Transfer Ops
FD8: Off Duty
FD9: Undocking
FD10: Deorbit and landing.

Enterprise has lifted off and made a perfect climb to orbit. The crew is now woking on post insertion tasks.

Huston gave the crew a go for orbit ops.

UPDATE Jan 30:
The crew of STS-204 has compleated the OBSS surveys and is prepared for docking tomorrow. Meanwhile, SX-DC-002 has undocked from the SSF and will be deorbited at Space X's descretion.

UPDATE Jan 31:
Enterprise has docked to the SSF. Contact occured at 12:00 EST. After hatch opening the crews will get busy with the transfer operations. The MPLM will be removed from the payload bay early tomorrow.

UPDATE Feb 01:
The shuttle and station crews are ready to begin a long day of transfer operations. Much of the middeck was emptied yesterday after the midday docking. The crewmembers handeling the transfers will start there then move to the supplies in the SpaceHAB module. Meanwhile, other crew members will unberth the MPLM from the shuttle and install it on Node 4. Hatch opening will happen later today.

UPDATE Feb 02:
The MPLM has now been installed on Node 4.

UPDATE Feb 06:
The crew will be off duty for most of today. Sometime in the afternoon, the MLPM will be moved back to the payload bay of Enterprise in preperation for undocking tomorrow.

UPDATE Feb 07:
STS-204 has undocked from the SSF and performed the flyaround. The ship is in good shape for entry and landing tomorrow. The primary site is KSC with Edwards avalible as a backup.

UPDATE Feb 08:
Enterprise succesfully landed at KSC bringing STS-204-LF4 to an end.

The next shuttle flight will be from VAFB. Space shuttle Constitution will be launching from SLC-6 to visit Skylab-II on mission STS-SL1. This will be the shuttles first visit to the new station in polar orbit. The shuttle will stay docked to the station for 16 days, while the crew outfit and activate Skylab's systems. On future missions the shuttle my stay for longer.

The next flight from KSC is space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-203-LF3. This flight was delayed in December when faults were found in some of the programing in the onboard computers. Discovery is set to liftoff from KSC pad 39B on Febuary 20.
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