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T + 90 Days Engineering Log

Posted 12-17-2013 at 01:34 AM by Dantassii
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Preliminary shaping burn #2 was executed w/out any problems. We have been able to get 2 of the EHEs back online but did not use them for the burn because it would have required another recalculation of the burn parameters. The remaining EHEs will have to wait until additional parts can be shipped by unmanned ETV after we make Europa orbit. As it is unmanned, the ETV can make it from Earth to Jupiter in as little as 14 days and as we will be spending a minimum of 125 days in Europa orbit, that is plenty long enough for the ETV to get to us.

With the exception of the malfunctioning EHEs, all boards are green at this time. JOI will be in 10 days and a pre-JOI Engineering report will be made prior to that burn. Once we get into Jupiter orbit, we will resume negative reporting on the Engineering Logs.

Mission timeline is as follows:
  • T+100 days JOI
  • T+105 days First orbital alignment burn with Europa
  • T+110 days Second orbital alignment burn with Europa (if needed)
  • T+125 days Europa Orbit Insertion (EOI)
  • T+126 days Start Europa Station construction
  • T+130 days ETV leaves LEO with spare parts for our EHEs
  • T+145 days ETV JOI burn
  • T+155 days ETV arrives in Europa orbit
  • T+200 days ETV leaves Europa orbit for Earth
  • T+220 days ETV arrives in LEO
  • T+250 days Europa Station construction complete
  • T+260 days SSTV-01 departs Europa Station after refueling
  • T+275 days TEI
  • T+300 days MCC #5
  • T+350 days MCC #6
  • T+365 days Preliminary shaping burn for EOI
  • T+375 days EOI and docking with ISS
  • T+390 days Undocking and TLI
  • T+393 days LOI and docking with lunar station and official end to mission #1

HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
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