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(Ab)using a Ravenstar... and other cool stuff!

Posted 03-12-2010 at 10:11 PM by dgatsoulis
Updated 05-26-2010 at 09:25 PM by dgatsoulis

Steve Tyler's and Douglas E. Beachy's XR2Ravenstar is my favourite spaceship in Orbiter.
(Thank you!)
First time i saw it , i had just mastered Dan Steph's DGIV (DGIII when i first downloaded it), and i considered myself a rather good pilot.
But on my first flight with the Ravenstar, i couldn't even get the darn thing in LEO!
Since that first flight, i think i've come a long way:

-Broke the 10min "barrier" mission-time from KSC to ISS.
-Made a KSC-Brighton Beach-KSC flight in less than 48 hours (expert settings, with a refuelling on Mir).
-Visited every planet and moon in our solar system.
-Learned how to make the UCGO cargos compatible with the XR series
-Learned how to fly at Mach 50+ inside the Earth's atmosphere.
-Made this video

I HAD to learn how to do THAT, after watching Agentgonzo's insane playback.
(I take this opportunity to thank him once again for "setting the bar" so high and for teaching me how to do the "handbrake" landing. )

After mastering that, i thought: "wouldn't it be cool, if i did that landing ON a building?"
So i took the time to learn how to model a building and after a while i had an untextured "crappy" version of the "Burj al Arab", one of my favourite buildings in the world. I ended up using a model from Google 3d warehouse though... cause it was MUCH better than mine!
But wait... you cannot land on top of buildings in Orbiter!
...Or can you?

I'm working on a base now especially for the Ravenstar, that will also have a... stunt alley (more like a stunt city), where i plan on doing some crazy stunts. (And when i say crazy... i mean CRAZY!)
I will be posting Ravenstar pics, vids, scenarios, playbacks, bases, etc, here.
Any comments/suggestions/requests are always welcome.

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