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Space Shuttle Endeavour to the OFSS, MCT.

Posted 09-19-2009 at 06:53 PM by Kyle

The Astronauts are ready, inside Endeavour.
The Crew of Endeavour to the OFSS (Orbiter Forum Space Station)

Commander Scott Kelly.
Pilot Gregory C. Johnson
Mission Specialist 1 Megan McArthur
Mission Specialist 2 Garrett Reisman
Mission Specialist 3 Tracy Caldwell

Instead Endeavour, lies the MCT ready and poised to bring power to the space station, and the OBSS, used on every shuttle mission Post Columbia.

The tension is mounting, we're T-35 minutes and counting.
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  1. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    The poll is Unanimous, we're go!

    KSC: Endeavour launch Director.
    CDR: Endeavour go ahead.
    KSC: Hey Scott, the vehicle's go, the weather's go, looks likes first times the charm. Good luck and godspeed, we'll see you back on the ground in 10 days.
    CDR: Thank you launch director we really appreciate all the hard work you put into Endeavour, and lets have a nice mission to really congratulate you all on your hard work! Looking forward to seeing you all back on the ground.

    Out of the hold now, T-9 minutes and COUNTING.
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 07:35 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    T-7:30, OAA Retract
    T-5:00, APU START
    T-2:00, Close and lock O2, Bennie cap Retract.
    T-0:31, Auto Sequence start
    T-0:06, Main Engine start.
    T-0:00, LIFTOFF!

    KSCPAO: Booster ignition and Liftoff of Endeavour, supporting the backbone of a larger international cooperation in space and the vehicle has cleared the tower!

    CDR: Rollin!
    MCC: Roger Roll Endeavour!
    T+1:10 seconds
    MCC: Houston Endeavour, go at Throttle up!
    CDR: Copy Houston, we're go at throttle up.
    T+2:00, SRB Sep.

    Its an 8 and a half minute ride uphill, and finally Endeavour reaches orbit.

    MCC: Endeavour Houston, Nominal MECO, OMS 1 not required.
    CDR: Copy Houston, Nominal MECO OMS 1 not required.

    Next up, OMS 2 burn and Payload Bay door opening.
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 07:53 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    OBSS Inspection occurred on FD2, and Endeavour was found to be a pristine vehicle. Absolutely beautiful!

    Several OMS burns were made that day to get ever closer to the OFSS.
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 08:07 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    FD3, Rendezvous and docking.

    Endeavour docked at the Space Station at 6:03 PM EDT.
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 08:28 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    FD4, MCT was attached to the 'Nebulus' module. MS 2 and 3 are in pre-breath for EVA 1 (only EVA)
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 08:54 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Star Voyager's Avatar
    Just so you know, the launch director is Mike Leinbach and the PAO is George Diller. Great job on the mission, though!
    Posted 09-19-2009 at 10:59 PM by Star Voyager Star Voyager is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    FD5 EVA 1, Garrett Reisman and Tracy Caldwell on EVA on the MCT.

    Posted 09-19-2009 at 11:19 PM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  8. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    FD6, Off Duty day.

    FD7, Half Day, undocking Preparations.

    FD8, at 7:27 PM EDT, Space Shuttle Endeavour undocked from the OFFS and preformed a fly-around of the complex.

    Endeavour later on that day preformed Late OBSS inspections.

    FD9 was again another off duty day and a PR event.
    Deorbit and landing Preps were also undertaken.
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 12:28 AM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    Endeavour fired its OMS engines one last time on FD10, this time to lower its orbit so it would encounter the Earth's atmosphere at 17,500 MPH.

    Endeavour was soon there after immersed
    in plasma as hot as the surface of the sun, and Endeavour's main duty was now to protect the crew from it. Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003 was destroyed on re-entry during this time due to a foam impact on Columbia's left wing during takeoff. Endeavour made several S-turns to burn off speed.

    Endeavour flew over Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, over the Gulf, then made its final landfall on the west coast of Florida.

    Endeavour made a 180 turn over KSC, called the heading alignment circle to lineup with runway 15. Endeavour touched down at 1:47 PM EDT on September 29th 2009.

    And that concludes OFSS mission 8! Hoping you enjoyed it, and it was a great pleasure this mission was extremely fun!
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 12:55 AM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Bj's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Kyle View Comment


    Endeavour made a 180 turn over KSC, called the heading alignment circle to lineup with runway 15. Endeavour touched down at 1:47 PM EDT on September 29th 2009.
    Woh never saw that before, was it generated by Orbiter?
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 03:26 AM by Bj Bj is offline
  11. Old Comment
    Kyle's Avatar
    Oh no, it was STS-125's landing track for a KSC landing.
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 04:40 AM by Kyle Kyle is offline
  12. Old Comment
    PhantomCruiser's Avatar
    Very Shiny! My XR-5 should be setting in a hanger at Wideawake being loaded with the a solar panel ass'y for my Oct 3rd flight.
    Posted 09-20-2009 at 06:59 AM by PhantomCruiser PhantomCruiser is offline
  13. Old Comment
    PriestLizard's Avatar
    Beautiful report and pictures! The touch-down picture is just looking awesome.

    Nice flight!
    Posted 09-24-2009 at 02:01 PM by PriestLizard PriestLizard is offline

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