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DASA-O Operations

Posted 05-25-2015 at 02:03 PM by serolrom
Updated 05-25-2015 at 02:17 PM by serolrom (completeness)

Digital AeroSpace Agency - Orbiter Division

DASA is a virtual Space Agency created in May 2015. The purpose of DASA is to serve as a framework for space operation in different environments and simulators. Several common operations have already been performed, but those were not properly documented and/or tracked.
DASA-O is the Orbiter Division, where space operations in Orbiter space simulator will be documented.

In the days when this agency is created, simulated space operations have already gone a long way. As a modest agency, by now, it is not the aim of DASA to go beyond the beaten path, but to use it as a guide to its development. In the future, if there is room, time and energy for it, DASA could extend its operations to investigation, collaboration, design and development of vehiles, tools or whatever possible with and for the community. But it will only make sense once the foundations are strong.

Other environments

DASA group will continue offering services in other environments:
DASA-K in KSP, operating home-made vehicles while exploring the Kerbal world.
DASA-FS in Flight Simulator, where logistics activities will be carried out, using vAL (virtual Air Logistics) services under VAL0003 ID.

Near future for DASA-O

The initial guidelines, although may change, are quite clear at the beginning. The first steps will serve to the infrastructure and personnel to learn and practice the basic space operations: orbit, deorbit, reentry, dock, deploy, etc. Further objectives focus mainly on exploration of the solar system planets.

XR2 Ravenstar is chosen for the first steps of the agency.
The fleet will be expanded according to the evolution of the expectations, but will most likely include XR5 Vanguard and Arrow Freighter.

Space Shuttle has been tested and used successfully in docking operations with the ISS. Rockets have not been used. However, these type of vehicles focus in a more 'current technology' simulation, which is not the path of DASA.

DASA-O current status overview, according to ongoing/next operations

- XR2 Ravenstar atmosferic test flight
- XR2 Ravenstar LEO orbit
- XR2 Ravenstar Dock to ISS / refuel

Next steps:
- XR2 Reentry
- XR2 Moon reconnaisance
- XR2 Moon landing and return to Earth.
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