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What happens when I'm given a keyboard and literally any spare time at all to write.

Contains my own personal opinions, not those of the sites I represent unless stated otherwise. Literally no rights reserved, except for the fiction category, which you can share provided my name stays on it as author. Unless you totally rewrite something inspired by my work, which would be downright awesome and I'd be wonderfully happy about that.
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Of code and promises...

Posted 08-05-2012 at 01:31 PM by Xyon

Last night while I couldn't sleep, I laid in bed listening to my daughter and partner sleep (sounds to horrify a nation, mostly) and contemplated the code, form, and eventually scope of XRRR, and its future, inevitably.

Developing that addon has been a blast, and I'm not planning to stop, which is the first point I'll make since the above paragraph had an ominous twist to it. I'm more reconsidering how it'll be finished, and the path I took when I first began writing the code.

It comes down to what I wanted to do. Initially, I started out here as an amateur coder with very little actual skill - something like 2002, I think, so not "here" per se, and well I *was* 14... Finding Orbiter at first was a huge revelation to me. This was something different, yadda yadda been said millions of times, Orbiter is fantastic and we all know it.

By 2006 I was well into improving my C++ skill specifically to write for Orbiter. It wasn't my career path (though the potential to earn money doing it wasn't lost on me), it was for fun, and still is. XRRR in particular is my largest project, and frequently infuriates me, but there's not much that beats the sense of accomplishment that comes back from killing a major bug, fixing a troublesome memory leak, finishing a feature, or learning a more elegant and efficient way to code something and replacing a bunch of spaghetti code with it. That's what really keeps me developing this stuff.

I did consider a few times the logic behind XRRR, and the implementations I've created to make it work (it also reminded me that I need some proper testing again to make sure the basics work as I haven't checked to make sure I didn't break them...), and I know a few places where I can improve the code, when I get chance next. Dev time doesn't come as easy as it used to, hence the big delay on the project. But I remain comitted to finishing and supporting the addon, and expanding it for new XR vessels & Orbiter versions as and when.

If anyone has any grand solution to me compiling Orbiter modules via ssh on linux, I'd be very happy with that. And it'd give me a lot more scope to develop.
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