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Cleartype, fonts and mfd issues Issue Tools
issueid=918 02-07-2012 01:12 PM
Cleartype, fonts and mfd issues

Tried orbiter111105-100830diff.7z and...

1. 'Disable smoothness while running Orbiter': will not revert back to cleartype after crash and rerun. Can you disable smoothness only when 3d screen of the game is visible?
2. Other glitches:
2.1 http://ompldr.org/vY29kdg
- MFD on the right with incorrect Text positions
- Fonts in MFDs appear inaccurate and fuzzy and low contrast
2.2 http://ompldr.org/vY29keQ
- Weirdo font bug in Orbit MFD - in some portions of the MFD it is very fuzzy and 'font look' have wavy nature of varying font constrast and fuzziness. Same problem but less severe appears in Map Mfd. Scaling problem.
- Upper panel on the first run of the scenario was able to hide after some time, but in current scenario it appears stuck on the screen (or it could be accidental F4) and also changes with other upper panels its background colour slightly in periodic manner.
3. [removed]
4. [removed]
5. [removed]

Orbiter window resolution is 1152*864. All features on. WinXP sp3 Ati Rad9600 (made in 2003yr) and i'm using ClearType
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Project ORBITER: 2010-P1
Status Fixed
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 111105
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02-07-2012 03:55 PM
orb orb is offline
O-F Administrator
  1. It would require handling all the exceptions by Orbiter, to restore the ClearType state when exception occurs. This setting is changed in Windows configuration and not in Orbiter configuration. Orbiter just disables the ClearType when it is enabled in Windows. It doesn't change anything in font smoothing (i.e. reenable ClearType) if Windows had ClearType disabled upon Orbiter startup, which is the case after Orbiter crash.

    Other solution is to save the state of ClearType in the Orbiter.cfg file or as a lock file, which is created when ClearType is disabled by Orbiter, and if the entry is found by Orbiter, it reenables the ClearType after simulation, even if the previous session resulted in a crash.

  2. This bug will be addressed in the next beta release. It's a duplicate of this: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/project...suenoteid=6406

    Does your graphics card support non-power of 2 textures? The fuzziness is caused by rescaling of the 256x256 or 512x512 texture to the size of the MFD area.

  3. -

  4. It's a feature request, not a bug.

  5. Wind isn't properly modeled yet. It's just random, as it's been noted: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/project...suenoteid=6634
02-07-2012 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by orb
 Does your graphics card support non-power of 2 textures? The fuzziness is caused by rescaling of the 256x256 or 512x512 texture to the size of the MFD area.
What I've only found is that R9600 has (as limited as with OGL?) support for non-power-of-two-texture in D3D and limited support in OGL (http://www.kludx.com/card.php?card=76 and other sources)

Also, I've fixed the MFD issues by SETTING "Enforse pow2 mfd display..." to NO in "Extra/Instruments and Panels/MFD configuration"
03-24-2012 03:21 AM
I've had font problems when I enabled morphological filtering on my HD 6670. Make sure it isn't something to do with your graphics drive settings.
12-22-2012 12:38 AM
Orbiter Founder
SVN trunk r19 adds an option to enforce re-enabling true type even if it wasn't active at Orbiter start (Launchpad Extra | Debugging options | Performance options | Enforce font smoothing on exit)

This can be used to recover font smoothing if it was lost in a previous Orbiter crash.

I think this was the only remaining issue in this thread, so I'm marking it as fixed.

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