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T + 44 days Engineering Log

Posted 10-30-2013 at 11:38 PM by Dantassii
Updated 10-30-2013 at 11:38 PM by Dantassii (Forgot tags)

One day from MCC #3. Minor engineering issues have popped up over the last 20 days. None of them were mission threatening. 2 of the EHEs have had problems with their heating systems but they have been repaired.

Calculations for the delta V requirements for MCC #3 are well within the limits designed into the mission profile. The MCC will occur at 1600 hours ship time and all 4 crew members will be awake and on duty during the burn.

Slight modifications to the mission time-line have been incorporated based on the orbital parameters expected of our initial Jupiter orbit.

All boards are green at this time.

Mission timeline is as follows:
  • T+45 days MCC #3
  • T+80 days MCC #4
  • T+90 days Preliminary shaping burn for JOI
  • T+100 days JOI
  • T+105 days First orbital alignment burn with Europa
  • T+110 days Second orbital alignment burn with Europa (if needed)
  • T+125 days Europa Orbit Insertion (EOI)
  • T+126 days Start Europa Station construction
  • T+250 days Europa Station construction complete
  • T+260 days SSTV-01 departs Europa Station after refueling
  • T+275 days TEI
  • T+300 days MCC #5
  • T+350 days MCC #6
  • T+365 days Preliminary shaping burn for EOI
  • T+375 days EOI and docking with ISS
  • T+390 days Undocking and TLI
  • T+393 days LOI and docking with lunar station and official end to mission #1
HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
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